The 10 best egg vibrators rated in 2023


OUR TOP PICKLovense Lush 3

  • Synchronisation with music
  • Sound-activated vibrations
  • Unlimited patterns

LELO Lyla 2

  • 8 vibration modes when used externally or inside the vagina.
  • Up to 2 hours of play
  • Can be used up to 12 metres away to play outside the room.

The relentless vibes of Fifty Shades of Grey

  • The soft, velvety silicone feels incredible inside and out.
  • Works up to 10 metres away for long distance thrills.
  • Weighs 46g - perfect for beginners

Svakom Ella Egg

  • Scroll through 10 exciting vibration patterns and activate the Climax mode when you are ready.
  • Control using the buttons on the toy or the free Svakom smartphone app.
  • A full charge gives 2 hours of uninterrupted play.

We-Vibe Jive

  • Portable rumbling and silent love egg for hands-free play.
  • Use the free We-Connect? app to control it from anywhere.
  • Perfect for special occasions and outdoor weekends


Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé comment un petit ?uf peut vous donner le meilleur orgasme de votre vie ? Non ? Eh bien, cela signifie que vous êtes plutôt normal.
Most people don't think about this, but rather assume that only dildos can make them cum.
À vrai dire, les ?ufs d’amour vibrants peuvent aller là où aucun gode n’a jamais pu aller et c’est pourquoi ils sont l’un des jouets sexuels les plus appréciés sur le marché.
At that time, there were not many options. Then there were too many.
Over time, we have been able to simplify and streamline their designs, leaving a plethora of amazing products. But therein lies the problem.
With so many egg vibrations to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?
Hopefully you'll know by the end of this article. And here are my 10 favourites to get you started.

Top 10 best vibrating eggs in 2023:

At this stage of the game, everyone is trying to get a slice of the egg tart, so there are many unique designs to choose from.
However, some stand out from the rest for reasons you will discover for yourself.

The following devices are the best rated by me and by just about everyone else:

#1. The Lovense Lush 3 - World's Best Egg Vibrator


Who says you have to behave properly when you try to ejaculate? Not Lovense. They've been breaking the rules for over a decade, with devices like the Lush 3 Bullet Vibrator to raise the bar.
It charms your G-spot or P-spot with a U-shaped design that offers dual stimulation through seven (7) distinct pleasure settings.
In addition, it works with the brand's free downloadable smartphone app and uses an enhanced printed circuit board (PCB) antenna to ensure maximum connectivity at all times.
Cet appareil peut se synchroniser avec votre liste de lecture la plus sexy pour des vibrations rythmées ou être contrôlé par un partenaire pour des interactions surprises. Et avec une expérience de charge améliorée, vous pouvez profiter de sessions plus longues sans vous arrêter et de plus de commodité lorsque vous le faites.
The battery usually lasts five (5) hours or more, regardless of setting or mode, and I hear that sexy models from Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, BongaCams and Live Jasmin prefer it.
PRO : The simple double-ended design is ideal for all body types and experience levels.
CON : It may not be discreet enough for some users.

#2. The LELO Insignia Lyla 2 vibrating sex toy


This global bestseller has already sold millions of units, and that's probably because the LELO Insignia Lyla 2 offers a sexy combination of secrecy and satisfaction in a lightweight, compact, high-tech package.
Not only is it fully submersible in water for aquatic fun, but it is also remote controlled for remote play and surprise stimulation.
The powerful battery is also USB rechargeable, so you can experiment with different sensations without losing the juice or having to wait forever to start round two.
The high-end materials and robust motor are just the beginning. This thing also features SenseMotion? technology, which means it will respond to your and/or your partner's body movements in real time.
And because it's the new and improved version of the original Lyla egg-shaped vibrator, it offers three times the range and uses an amplified wireless signal for strong, unstoppable stimulation.
The eight (8) built-in pleasure settings guarantee maximum pleasure even if you lose the connection.
PRO: C’est l’un des ?ufs d’amour les plus puissants sur le marché actuellement.
CONIt may not be large enough for some body types or experience levels.

#3. The Love Egg of Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations


Part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection by author E.L. James, this device is more than just a perverted souvenir.
The Relentless Vibrations remote-controlled egg is like the story: deliciously discreet debauchery served on demand. It's a rechargeable sex toy that's suitable for all genders and is still ideal for beginners or pros thanks to its stylish design.
Best of all, the RV comes with a wireless remote for long distance gaming, while weighing less than 50g for comfortable wear in public.
In fact, you can use this thing up to ten (10) meters away from your partner. Just scroll through the five (5) distinct vibration patterns and choose between two (2) speeds for a personalized experience.
The silky soft silicone exterior of the egg is gentle on all skin types for maximum usability, and it comes with a durable stretchy pull loop to ensure your safety no matter what type of activity you're in, and the manufacturer also provides a stylish storage bag.
PROThe O-shaped remote control is exceptionally designed for easy handling.
CONThe protruding handle may be uncomfortable for some users when seated.

#4. The Svakom Ella egg vibrator


The Svakom brand is considered to be synonymous with luxury, so it's no surprise that their Ella Wearable Bullet Egg vibrating egg is a top seller. It works in three (3) distinct ways: via the external remote control, with a built-in button on the vibrator itself, or via a smartphone app that connects to the toy with Bluetooth.
The free downloadable app then expands your most exciting horizons with additional fun settings and enhanced performance modes, including one called "Free Touch" which allows you to manually control the feel with a finger on your phone.
This device is ideal for vaginal and anal stimulation, as it measures only 33mm. It is also lightweight and compact, with a powerful motor powered by a robust USB rechargeable battery that takes less than an hour to charge.
Then you get over two (2) hours of targeted G-spot or P-spot pleasure, and it even has some attractive details to make it the perfect gift for your partner.
It is also safe to use near water, so don't be afraid to experiment in the shower.
PROThe egg has a slight texture to give more pleasure when inserted.
CONAlthough Bluetooth enabled, it is not interactive with other toys.

#5. The We-Vibe Jive Vibrating Egg sex toy


The We-Vibe Jive is considered to be one of the most discreet vibrating eggs on the market, with an impressive output despite its discreet dimensions.
It's also quiet for maximum discretion in public places. And like other We-Vibe sex toys, it syncs with the We-Connect smartphone app for hands-free control and increased customisation.
What's more, you can connect this bad boy to another toy in the brand's range and experience real-time fun with a partner, wherever you are in the world.
The WVJ itself offers ten (10) powerful performance settings that are built directly into the dominant engine.
The toy is designed to target the G-spot while stimulating the anus, meaning double orgasms are always possible. The USB rechargeable battery recharges in two (2) hours, while the on-board computer alerts you when the juice level is low.
In addition, the unit is fully submersible in water, allowing you to experience as much water activity as you like.
PROThere are a large number of compatible devices available with this massive brand.
CONAdditional devices and equipment may be required for pair play.

#6. The Mantric remote control rechargeable egg vibrator


If you like insertable toys but don't really know where to start, start with the Mantric Remote Control Rechargeable Egg Vibrator. It's a thick, round but solidly dimensioned sex toy suitable for both anal and vaginal play.
Operated by a circular wireless remote control, it has a delightful range of up to 4 metres for room-wide enjoyment.
What's more, it's wrapped in luxurious silicone to protect your delicate genitals from irritation. The bottom of the device has a handy finger ring for maximum safety.
Like most other egg vibrators, this one is fully USB rechargeable. This means that it provides approximately one hour of uninterrupted stimulation on each charge.
Thus, it powers seven (7) different vibration patterns with a rumbling motor that is encased in a waterproof material.
With Mantric, you not only get a solid product, but also permission to be kinky.
So even if you're new to deep internal stimulation, you can enjoy the full experience with this sleek, sophisticated and streamlined device.
PROIt's a simple sex toy, with few bells and whistles.
CONSome users may need more potency or versatility from their sex eggs.

#7. The Adrien Lastic Smart Dream remote controlled vibrating egg


You're not supposed to use sex eggs or balls with seams, but you can certainly enjoy one with an improved texture.
Besides, no one ever said you couldn't get triple pleasure from a soft, portable vibrator with an external clitoral stimulator.
So before you feel like a rebel, remember that it's your job to set the standard. Perhaps the Adrien Lastic Smart Dream remote-controlled vibrating egg will do the trick. If not, you'll have fun trying.
This thing is wrapped in silky soft ABS for a hypoallergenic ride. It's also designed to target your most sensitive erogenous zones, no matter how you wear it.
So while the enhanced exterior massages your delicate nerve endings with every passing second, the Smart Dreams engine silently goes to work to deliver tingling delights at the touch of a button.
In addition, the size is suitable for almost all body types and it is also ideal for discreet travel due to its compact and lightweight design.
PRO: Il est extrêmement durable pour un sex toy aussi doux et petit.
CONIt may not be powerful enough for some users.

#8. Remote control rechargeable love egg Fifty Shades Freed I've Got You


It may be made by one of the biggest names in personal pleasure, but Fifty Shades Freed's rechargeable remote-controlled love egg 'I've Got You' is every hole's best friend.
First of all, it's fully submersible in water, which means you start with no limits. It also has a wireless remote control for maximum versatility, and it's all packaged in an attractive, skin-friendly silicone-coated exterior. And believe it or not, that's not even the best part.
The best part is its user-friendly functionality. It is an extremely simple model, which makes it the ideal toy for everyday use.
In addition, it scrolls through a dozen different vibration speeds and offers eight (8) unique patterns for your quiet exploration.
And with a USB rechargeable battery that takes only minutes to fully recharge between sessions, you and your partner receive targeted stimulation for up to two (2) full hours before you need to stop.
It also has a pull tab, so you never have to worry about it getting stuck in the wrong hole.
PROIt provides constant stimulation with a wide variety of pleasure combinations.
CON: Vous ne pouvez pas le connecter à d’autres jouets sexuels ni l’utiliser pour des jeux interactifs.

#9. Remote control rechargeable love egg sex toy The Amour


Give your favourite person the gift that keeps on giving - a remote-controlled, rechargeable Love Egg vibrator. It offers a unique size, shape and colour as well as an extra texture on the surface for added internal pleasure.
This heart-shaped contraption may look cute and innocent, but it's actually a secret powerhouse, with seven (7) distinct pleasure patterns and five (5) speeds for a customizable experience.
This also means that it is ideal for shared play and experimentation, despite its apparent novelty.
This adorable egg comes in a matching gift box with delicate details for a unique presentation. In addition, it is also packaged with a long USB charging cable for maximum convenience and shorter breaks.
This lovely beast is also fully submersible in water, which means you can take the experience even further in the shower.
It measures three (3) inches in insertable length with a circumference of 4.25 inches, making this device ideal for most body types, experience levels and tastes.
PROThe extra long tongue gives you extra security and a better feel.
CONIt would be much better if this particular toy was interactive or Bluetooth enabled.

#10. The remote controlled rechargeable silicone G-spot love egg from Cal Exotics.


There's something particularly satisfying about an economical sex toy that delivers on its promises. Leave it to Cal Exotics to deliver.
Its rechargeable, remote-controlled silicone G-spot love egg is not luxurious, but it gets the job done, with a total insertion length of four (4) inches and a circumference of 3.75 inches.
And underneath its silky exterior is a powerful motor that runs twelve (12) different speeds and vibration patterns. Not bad for such an affordable device.
This little vibrator is designed to be hand-held, but you can also use it hands-free. It's also slightly curved to target your sensitive insides and offers two (2) full hours of play with each one (1) hour charge.
Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for discreet travel, and as it is a very simple toy, even beginners can have fun with it.
In addition, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain and has an extended pull tab for guaranteed safety during rough sex sessions.
PRO : You can experiment freely because it is durable and inexpensive.
CON : There is no backspace option on the controls, so scrolling through the settings can be frustrating..
I know there's a lot to think about here with all the fancy features to consider, but don't be afraid to try different things. Love eggs are already a unique specimen, so why not continue the experiment by venturing into unknown territory?
You know very well that this is where the best orgasms are.

How to choose the best love egg

It is not easy to choose what you like, especially when you have a lot of choice and little experience. As love eggs are a relatively new concept of pleasure, the general public is not always aware of market developments.
Therefore, it is important to think about a few things before you spend your money.

Here's what you need to know:


Check the dimensions of the toy and make sure it fits your body. Vibrators come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to compare them.
If possible, take some measurements of your vaginal and/or anal canal at home using your fingers or your favourite dildo.
Determine the length and width of your cavities and then match this to the device of your choice.


Decide how you want to use your new toy.
For example, vibrating eggs can be used both internally and externally, with a partner or solo, and vaginally or anally. This makes them extremely versatile and fun to use, whatever your fantasy.
However, some of them may lack certain features or fun parameters that other models have. Choose wisely.


As these objects are introduced into your body, the way they are made is important.
So check the materials to make sure they are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. Then make sure you and/or your partner do not have any allergies or sensitivities.
Finally, match the materials of the toy with the formula of your lubricant to avoid damaging your device. Use a condom if all else fails.


Chaque jouet ?uf vibrant aura ses propres caractéristiques et réglages uniques. Cela signifie qu’il n’y a pas deux appareils exactement semblables.
Also, some settings may be too intense or not intense enough for some users. Without great performance, the size and composition of your toy will not matter.
So try to choose a toy that is versatile enough to provide several levels of enjoyment.


No one wants to fiddle with a complicated sex toy when it's ready to be activated, and I guess you don't either.
So if you're interested in the size, materials and functionality of your device, don't forget the design. Sometimes simple is better, especially when it comes to discreet, insertable vibrating toys like these.
To find out more, read the user manual or watch demonstration videos.
Don't let anyone steer you away from your preferred devices, but try to keep an open mind in both cases.
Remember that everyone is different, which means that their experiences will be very different.
However, there is much to be learned from reading reviews and listening to the opinions of others. For best results, choose the best rated devices.

The Egg sex toy buying guide

When I started using these objects, I had no idea what I was doing (or what to expect). I thought the sensations would be similar to those of a vibrating ball, but I was wrong.
The egg shape of this particular toy allowed for more intense stimulation of more parts of my body. And unlike a vibrating ball, I was able to use my vibrator to make stubborn muscle pains disappear after work.
This is a double advantage.
So what exactly are love eggs and how do they differ from other types of sex toys? Why are they sometimes better than complex high-tech devices and traditional dildos?
And how can you tell the good ones from the bad ones if you've never used them?
Read on to find out.

What is a vibrating egg?

These are clever little sex toys designed specifically for vaginal and/or anal stimulation. They are designed to target multiple internal erogenous zones at once or to relieve mild to moderate muscle pain.
To be honest, I rarely use mine for anything that isn't X-rated.
Either way, they're more than just an oblong ball buzzing with life inside your body. They're ideal for all sorts of sexy things, in fact.
This is because the egg vibrators are rounded on all sides for easy insertion and removal.
In addition, their unique shape allows for increased pleasure due to the larger surface area of the toy (compared to traditional ball vibrators, at least).
Most are equipped with variable speed and vibration mode for a customizable experience that delivers powerful orgasms over and over again.

The main characteristics of egg-shaped sex toys

Because of their unique shape, these devices are not difficult to spot in a range of sex toys.
In addition, they generally have similar characteristics that distinguish them from others.
So this is what you will usually find:

  • Rigid construction - These things can and will be used inside your asshole if you want an incredible orgasm. And even vaginal penetration puts a lot of pressure on the device. So, these toys are durably made of high quality materials on a rigid body. They generally do not bend or fluctuate.
  • Ergonomic shapes - Ergonomics measures the effectiveness of the interaction between a person and an object. And because egg vibrators are so small and yet used for deep penetration, they usually have enhanced safety features, such as pull cords, to ensure maximum satisfaction without all the worry.
  • Multiple control options - Some of these sex toys have adjustable vibration settings, while others have only one speed or pattern to share. Either way, most offer more than one way to control the stimulation - either by hand with a built-in button, or via a remote control in some cases.

Keep in mind that remote control love eggs may require additional supplies or equipment to enjoy. So check the specifications to see what is included in the box.

Things to look for

Here's something that seems obvious but is still so easily forgotten: No two egg-shaped vibrators are identical, even if they are manufactured by the same company or have similar settings.
High, medium and low vibration speeds and distinct performances are not enough to distinguish these devices. You have to be smart about making sex toys, and that's where things can get tricky.
So here's what to look for:

Skin-friendly materials

Try to stay away from appliances made from dubious, unknown or poor quality materials.
At the same time, avoid toys containing latex, parabens and/or phthalates, as these ingredients can cause skin irritation even if you are not allergic.
Most eggs are now made from materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a proprietary polycarbonate blend, which makes things easier.

Hidden seams

You can always tell a poor quality love egg by the presence of seams in the material. A faint line will run either up and down or side to side. Good devices will not have any at all, nor will they have unpolished surfaces.
On the contrary, their seams will be hidden, if not completely absent. Don't think this is important? Just wait for a seam to tear or cut your pussy's skin.

Adjustable parameters

Look for vibrating eggs that give you several different stimulation options, because enjoying the internal vibrations is great, but things can get boring fast.
Versatile, adjustable and/or customizable devices are not only ideal for couples.
They're also great for personal experimentation, endurance training and impromptu foreplay sessions at home or on the go. So find something that can grow with your libido.

Discreet design

You might think that an egg vibrator is automatically designed to be discreet, but this is not always the case.
In fact, some are quite large while others are uncomfortably loud. And since you can't always test it before you buy it, it can be difficult to determine its discretion.
So start with a small device that promises low decibels or has a wireless remote control for remote play.
In short, you will most likely find what you are looking for if you only consider devices with customisable features, excellent ergonomics, luxurious materials and smooth construction. The rest is a matter of preference.

Things to avoid

Even the most experienced sex addict can make a mistake at the checkout. Indeed, there are specific things to think about when looking for a new love egg.
In addition, there are a handful of details that you should avoid at all costs. These are as follows:

Weak engines

What good is a vibrator if its motor is weak? Eggs are difficult to fill with power because they are so small and simple.
However, some sex toy companies have mastered the art of "Tiny but Mighty" to offer robust products despite their small size.
So avoid weak engines because you don't have to put up with that crap.

Noisy functions

You can't really enjoy the quiet nastiness of impromptu foreplay on the move when your sex toys are louder than your muffled moans.
So if you need to find a super powerful machine, you also need to find a balance between power and silence. Some machines boast of being quiet, but get louder and prouder with each increase in speed. Don't be fooled.

Poor materials

You may think you're saving a little money by choosing a vibrating egg made from poor quality materials, but here's why you're wrong.
First of all, bad materials are not as pleasant on the skin as high quality materials.
Secondly, cost-effective materials are not always ideal for certain skin types and/or lubricant formulations.
Finally, discounted toys tend to deteriorate more quickly and cost you more in the long run, as you have to keep replacing or repairing your stock.
In fact, you just want to avoid anything that is too loud, too soft and of poor quality for a decent experience. That's why trial and error is so important here.
You can't assume you'll find exactly what you need the first time, but you can't assume you won't either. If you look for the right things and avoid the bullshit, it becomes much easier.

The pros and cons of love eggs

I'll be the first to admit that vibrating eggs are not for everyone, nor are they devices capable of handling every conceivable type of sexual act.
Instead, they are designed to have maximum impact in their own capacity. This means that they cannot do certain things, but they are very effective in the areas where they can.
The list of advantages and disadvantages does not end there either.
Considérez ces avantages et ces inconvénients avant d’ajouter un ?uf d’amour à votre réserve de sex toys :


  • They can be easily hidden.
  • You can wear them for long periods.
  • They are designed with comfort in mind.
  • They can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • You are free to experiment more freely.
  • You can travel more discreetly.
  • They are versatile enough for variable relief.
  • You can use them with other sex toys.

NOTE: I like to slide my egg inside and let it sit for a while, then hand my partner the remote for amazing sex wherever we go. That way we never have to stop to set up the device and we don't have to be in the same place to cum.


  • They are not made for pushing.
  • You could lose the device in your body.
  • Battery life is generally short.
  • You cannot enjoy both internal and external stimulation simultaneously.
  • The fun parameters can be somewhat limited.
  • There is only a small variation in the average size.

NOTE: I usually combine my egg vibrator with a dildo or clit-sucking toy to get a fuller sensation during solo masturbation. And when I'm with a partner, we like to combine the device with oral sex to give us a double thrill.
The best way to choose the perfect sex toy is to determine which disadvantages you can live with and which are prohibitive.
For example, if you need something large that goes in and out of your body, these items probably won't do.
However, they can be used to intensify your sensations, regardless of what other devices you use.
So understand that nothing is perfect and get ready to have fun with a sexy accessory that can also act as a stand-alone product.

Where to find the best egg-shaped sex toys on the market?

LOVENSE – Le site officiel de la meilleure marque de vibromasseurs à ?ufs qui a vendu des millions d’unités à ce jour.
LOVEHONEY - Our most recommended online sex toy shop, offering the best prices and fastest, most discreet delivery on the internet.

The final verdict

Buying a new vibrating egg is not a huge responsibility or anything. It's supposed to be fun and the results are supposed to be more than relaxing.
These items have been designed to offer an equally pleasurable alternative to traditional dildos and penis-shaped vibrators, with ergonomic dimensions and practical features for versatile play.
So think about your desires and match them with something that will really do the trick.

FAQs on egg-shaped sex toys

Q: How do I clean a vibrating egg?
A : Cleaning one of these devices is fairly simple and is very similar to cleaning most other sex toys in your stash.
First of all, consult the user's manual for specific maintenance instructions, as each appliance is different.
In general, however, it is sufficient to rinse the exterior with warm water before washing with a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaning solution.
Then let it dry completely before putting it back in place. *Be careful with electrical components and bear in mind that most remote controls are not waterproof.
Q: What is the best way to store such an object when I have finished?
A : Keeping your vibrating eggs clean is as easy as it is important. As with proper cleaning, always consult the owner's manual for more specific care and maintenance instructions.
In general, however, you will want to keep your equipment stored at all times when not in use. Choose a place away from direct sunlight and extreme hot and/or cold temperatures.
In the meantime, never leave your appliance in the open air, as airborne debris can quickly accumulate on the surface. *Most manufacturers supply a storage container with your purchase or sell specially designed containers separately.
Q: What type of lubricant should I use with love eggs?
A : Your preferred lubricant should always match your skin type and the materials of your toy.
For example, never use silicone-based lubricants on silicone sex toys, as they may eat away at the materials. Oil-based lubricants are fine for anal sex but may not work with some toy materials.
It is therefore best to use a high quality water-based lubricant for best results. And don't forget to check your user manual for the manufacturer's suggestions. *Many love eggs come with a free sample of water-based personal lubricant to get you started.
Q: How do I remove a vibrating egg if it gets stuck in my vagina or buttocks?
A : Hopefully you have followed all the manufacturer's instructions so that the device does not get stuck in your body.
If it does, try to remove it immediately with your index finger and thumb. Never insert other objects into your orifices to retrieve lost sex toys. Instead, press down as if you were on the toilet and gently pull the device out.
Always tie the pull cord and check that it is secure before inserting it. And if all else fails, go to the emergency room for medical assistance. *Most people don't get their eggs stuck, but understand that it is always possible.
Q: What other sex toys can I use with an egg-shaped vibrator?
A : You can use many types of sex toys and accessories with one of these devices. Indeed, they are too small to interfere, but powerful enough to create a wave of pleasure that combines with other sensations to produce an incredible orgasm.
Associez le vôtre à un vibromasseur à main, un suceur de clito, une perle anale, un masseur prostatique ou du matériel BDSM pour en avoir plus pour votre argent.
Q: If my sex toy is waterproof, does that mean the wireless remote control is too?
AEvery device is made differently. But most of the time, you cannot get the remote control wet like you can the toy itself. This is because remote controls usually contain the batteries and electrical components, and they are not always made of waterproof materials.
So consult your user manual for more detailed information before splashing your moisture supply for any reason.

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