Top 10 best sex machines for men in 2023 - Reviews and discounts

At a glance: Our top 5 picks for male sex machines


OUR TOP PICKAutoblow Artificial Intelligence

  • Hands-free robotic sucking toy
  • Does not require batteries
  • Uses interchangeable sleevesHOLD THE BEST PRIZE ?
    Kiiroo Keon
    • Super realistic sex simulation with VR experience and sexcams.
    • Automatic, hands-free, portable
    • Elegant and discreet design

    ArcWave Ion

    • High-tech automatic masturbator for breathtaking frenulum stimulation.
    • 8 intensities to target nerve endings that cannot be stimulated by other toys.
    • The smooth CleanTech silicone and the DryTech stick keep your toy in perfect condition.

    Lovense Max 2

    • Masturbateur masculin de luxe controlled by an application avec un design de pompe à air.
    • 3 suction intensities and 7 vibration functions
    • Best for people on a budget

    Kiiroo Onyx Plus

    • Ultra premium tucking machine
    • Built with top quality materials and the best electronic components.
    • Ready for virtual reality video


    Men have been masturbating since the beginning of time. Back in the day, men were afraid of going blind, so they secretly touched themselves with tube socks and shame.
    Today, jerking off is considered part of a balanced breakfast. The prevalence of male sex machines on the open market confirms this.
    You can get all the suggestions in the world and not know which male fuck machine to buy.
    This is because many of them look the same, their costs are all different and there is no guarantee that they will feel as good as they are described. It's about taking the right chances by taking an informed approach.

    So here's what you need to know before you spend money:

    What is A male fuck machine?

    Une machine à baiser for men est un dispositif synthétique conçu pour stimuler les terminaisons nerveuses dans, sur ou autour des organes génitaux masculins. Il peut être utilisé pour produire du plaisir et/ou de la douleur, selon les préférences de l’utilisateur.
    However, most devices focus on stimulating the penis for the sole purpose of ejaculating.

    Top 10 best male sex devices in 2023:

    If you're tired of using your hand but don't want to start fucking pillows yet, you're not alone. Most men prefer to pleasure themselves with a sex toy anyway.
    That's because it's more enjoyable and more customisable.
    In fact, sexy devices are so popular these days that you can buy them almost anywhere.
    But before you start treating blue balls with shoddy equipment, check out these top 10 male sex machines for the ultimate experience:

    #1 Autoblow A.I. - Best overall male sex machine

    Ce mauvais garçon a été élu numéro 1 de l’industrie plus de fois qu’on ne peut le compter. Les développeurs ont commencé humblement par une campagne IndieGoGo pleine d’espoir, avant de devenir le tout premier fabricant de sex toys masculins au monde à proposer une intelligence artificielle embarquée.
    To date, their invention has sold millions of copies worldwide and remains the reigning champion of simulated oral sex.
    The company responsible, Very Intelligent Ecommerce, makes several high-tech pleasure products for men, but its I.A. Autoblow is the best. It has 10 distinct settings, a flesh-like sleeve and uninterrupted power thanks to its innovative design.
    It is also extremely light and one of the easiest appliances to maintain.

    • Provides the element of surprise
    • No downtime for charging
    • Made from hypoallergenic materials


    • Non-portable without plug-in access

    BEST FUNCTIONALITY : Realistic oral sex sensations

    #2 Kiiroo Keon - Male Sex Machine

    Kiiroo has always been at the forefront of sex technology, so it's no surprise that its Keon is a favourite. Its high-tech predecessors, the TITAN and Onyx, gave the No. 1 Autoblow A.I. a run for its money back in the day.
    But this new machine sets a higher standard for interactive pleasure, as it is one of the most stylish and powerful male masturbators ever marketed.
    Players can connect the Keon to a long list of X-rated content centres to experience real-time fun with fantastic artists.
    It also syncs with many other Kiiroo sex toys and most FeelTechnology? compatible products. Just plug it into your favourite VR goggles, then let loose at speeds up to 230 strokes per minute.

    • Compact and portable
    • Soft Feel Stroker pouch included
    • Made from skin-friendly materials


    • 4 hours of charging for 30-90 minutes of fun.

    BEST FEATURE : Massive content library

    #3 Arcwave Ion Vibrating Sex Machine

    This thing has the right to be the world's first Pleasure Air? stroker for men, and that means guys get pulsating stimulation that saturates the frenulum and forces a new kind of orgasm.
    By subtly altering the air pressure inside its lightly textured chamber, the Arcwave Ion targets your pacinian receptors to produce an orgasm that is supposed to be "better than a woman's".
    Either way, this toy is powerful and high-tech, with Smart Silence features to automatically stop and/or terminate stimulation based on skin contact. It also has a twist-open system that allows for extremely fast cleaning and drying.
    It's one of the most effective male masturbators around, and it doesn't even take long to load.

    • Perfect for group sex
    • Comes with a detachable storage base
    • Made from hyper-hygienic materials


    • May not be powerful enough for some men

    BEST FUNCTIONALITY : Minimum friction for the penis

    #4 Lovense Max 2

    It was one of the first automatic male masturbation devices in the world and still has many fans to this day.
    The Lovense Max 2 is a robust sex toy with a multi-sensory pleasure sleeve, 360 degree contractions and an extended vibrator to reach as many nerve endings as possible. It is also lightweight, portable and easy to handle.
    The LM2 offers wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and has a USB rechargeable battery. It allows you to control the suction inside the chamber with a small switch at the bottom of the case, and you can even remove the textured sleeve for manual stimulation.
    In the meantime, use your smartphone as a remote control to have remote sex with a partner anywhere in the world.

    • Looped setting for non-stop fun
    • Compatible with some VR sex games
    • Made from high quality materials


    • Limited performance parameters

    BEST FUNCTIONALITY : Simple functionality for beginners

    #5 Kiiroo Onyx Plus Fucking Machine for men.

    The Kiiroo Onyx + is designed to give you the deep, satisfying pleasure you've always wanted. It features 10 contracting stimulation rings for maximum penis milking, and it has a soft touch coating to help you get off.
    The touchpad allows you to quickly change settings and you will need to as there are several choices.
    At the same time, it pumps at a speed of up to 140 strokes per minute, so hold on tight.
    This toy also offers three different performance modes: Interactive, Manual, or Automatic. You can use the control pad to manipulate a partner's device or use Bluetooth technology to connect to 2D or 3D pornographic content via a huge XXX database.
    Then sit back and enjoy the up and down motion as the device mimics sex in real time or on demand.

    • Fast charging battery
    • Discreet and compact design
    • Made from skin-friendly materials


    • May not be powerful enough for some men

    BEST FEATURE : Compatible with other Kiiroo products and the Fleshlight Launch.

    #6 Fleshlight Quickshot Launch - Male Fucking Machine

    The Fleshlight brand will probably always be synonymous with male masturbation, and this is thanks to products like the Quickshot Launch. It's a rather massive machine, but with great size comes great power.
    This bad boy can make waves at speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute, with a transparent sleeve and a handy slot for your smartphone.
    It has four different race settings built in, but you can also sync it with virtual porn for real-time stimulation.
    There's a pair of handlebars on the sides to help you manage the take-off, and you can use it wirelessly or when plugged in for a completely personalised experience.
    The design is a bit on the heavy side, but it is extremely easy to maintain and offers simplified assembly.

    • Ideal for watching the action
    • Hands-free or hands-on fun
    • Made from skin-friendly materials


    • Compatible only with the Quickshot sleeve

    BEST FEATURE : Programmable pleasure zones

    #7 LELO F1s Developer Kit (SDK)

    D’habitude, vous devez vous contenter des paramètres de plaisir utilisés par le fabricant de sex toys, mais pas cette fois-ci. Les gens de LELO sont déjà bien connus pour leurs dispositifs de plaisir sur mesure, mais le monde n’a jamais rien vu de tel que le kit du développeur F1S.
    After all, it allows you to modify the performance of the toy from the background. This is called a "hot reach-around".
    The F1SDK also has two motors for a more intense feel. It has a patented cruise control that keeps your hands free and uses SensSonic technology to give you less abrasive friction.
    Simply download the smartphone app and demo to start creating your own sexy combinations or use it with a partner for remote-controlled fun.

    • Ten built-in performance modes for fast fun
    • Comes with a ton of accessories
    • Made from hypoallergenic materials


    • May be too complicated for some users

    BEST FUNCTIONALITY : The most customisable male sex toy on the market

    #8 Kiiroo TITAN Vibrating Sex Machine for Men

    Indulge yourself as only you can with a top-notch male masturbator like the Kiiroo TITAN. It allows you to stroke your cock at any speed while controlling a series of internal vibrations through its high-tech touch interface.
    Meanwhile, you get the power of 9 bullets and a skin-like pleasure sleeve for hyper-realistic sensations and titanic orgasms.
    When your imagination runs out, just plug it into the extensive library of over 4,000 X-rated clips and films.
    Then play solo or invite a partner to the party with cross-brand compatibility and access to 2D and 3D porn. It's sleek and focused for maximum pleasure, but it's also perfect for couples play and an effective tool for endurance training.

    • Lightweight and portable design
    • Quiet operation
    • Made from sustainable materials


    • May not be suitable for all penis sizes

    BETTER FUNCTIONALITY Four different ways to connect with partners

    #9 Sayber X male sex machine

    The Sayber X appeared on the scene only a few years ago and has caused some of the biggest names in the industry to redesign. It features state-of-the-art technology to create linear rotation within a custom chamber, designed for uninterrupted stokes.
    In other words, it's a powerful machine that never runs out of juice.
    The skin-soft sleeve encompasses your penis from top to bottom during manual stimulation, but that's just the beginning of the fun. You can connect it to your smartphone via a free downloadable app to control the settings remotely.
    Plus, the SX is compatible with any lubricant you have in your stash so you never have to slow down for a second. It's just balls to the wall until you crawl.

    • Powerful movements that mimic rough sex.
    • Large chamber for large penises
    • Made from skin-friendly materials


    • Extremely difficult to reassemble

    BEST FUNCTIONALITY : Stroker X-Ring compatible for partners

    #10 TENGA Zero EV

    You've probably never used anything like the TENGA Zero EV, as it is the only 90 degree articulating masturbator on the market. The device has a unique tilt-open design that fits all penis sizes, large or small.
    It also has one of the most textured sleeves in the industry and has won more awards for usability than any other sex toy to date.
    The "EV" in its name stands for "Electronic Vibrations", which tells you all you need to know. With its two vibration cores and simplified control panel, this toy allows you to explore the furthest limits of your endurance without even needing an erection.
    It offers five different pleasure settings to explore and comes with a quick charge cable for almost instant gratification.

    • Ideal for men with erectile dysfunction
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Made from hypoallergenic materials


    • Requires constant manual handling

    BEST FEATURE : Versatile functionality
    For more information on any of the top 10 sex machines listed here, click on the link to visit the manufacturer's website, or use the following buying guide to help you choose the best machine.


    Buyers' guide to men's kissing machines

    The 5 main characteristics

    No two men's pleasure products are the same, even if they all perform the same basic functions. However, good products do share some key features. Here's how to know you have a winning product:

  • High quality materials
  • The best products will always be made of advanced materials such as hypoallergenic silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You will very rarely find devices made with latex or phthalates, so think twice before using them.
    High quality toys may require special lubricants and cleaners, but at least you will avoid potential allergic reactions and wasted money.
  • Industry-leading technologies
  • Popular options generally use more than one type of technology to produce pleasure for the man and/or his partner. Many manufacturers incorporate features such as motion sensors, enhanced stimulation techniques and interactive communications to enhance the user experience.
    With a high quality device, lovers can exchange intense feelings in real time without even being in the same postal code.
  • Ergonomics for the body
  • Older generation sex toys did not take into account the human form as much as they should have. As a result, new and improved devices are generally designed to fit the male anatomy with great precision. You can even dictate the length and/or circumference of some products to ensure optimal contact with every stroke.
    This means that you shouldn't settle for something that makes you feel like you're throwing your hotdog into a hallway because you don't have to.
  • User-friendly functionality
  • The sex toy industry knows that men don't want to fiddle with a bunch of buttons when they try to get laid. Well, most men, because some companies offer complex devices for men who like to tinker.
    However, the best products are always easy to use or, at least, come with simplified instructions when they are not.
  • Long-distance capabilities
  • Not all high-quality male sex machines are ideal for long-distance lovemaking, but the ones that are... oh boy. The winners are almost always equipped with Bluetooth connectivity or compatible with a smartphone app.
    They can sync with online pornography or track your partner's movements in real time. In other words, high-end toys bridge the gap between live sex and simulations.
    Items worthy of your obsession may also have features such as fleshy sleeves, interchangeable components and removable parts. So study the features of each to see which one offers you the best value for money.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using male sex machines

    Did you know that it is almost impossible to find the best sex machine for men if you don't know the pros and cons of using it? Knowing what to expect can help you determine which toys are really great and which ones are backed by a lot of hype.
    So don't spend your money before you've thought it through:

    • Customisable pleasure sensations at any time
    • Ideal for solo stimulation and/or play with a partner
    • Perfect for resistance and endurance training
    • Good for erotic experimentation
    • Helps prevent infidelity in long-distance relationships.
    • Helping to realise healthy fantasies


    • A lot of tedious maintenance required
    • Can desensitise the nerve endings of the user's penis.
    • Several learning curves to go through
    • Can cause jealousy in a relationship
    • Can become an extremely costly habit

    To reduce the burden of disposing of them properly, only buy devices that come with a manufacturer's warranty. Also try to find a toy that comes with many accessories or choose one that offers spare parts at reasonable prices.
    A FUN FACT: The average lifespan of a sex robot is 3 to 5 years, but this figure depends on how rough you use it.

    5 things to avoid

    Don't worry about being nice to an outlet, because you'll soon replace it anyway. Instead, stay away from the pitfalls of smart marketing by avoiding these five things like the plague:

  • Equipment dimensions
  • There is no rule that says you should buy a device that is too big or too small for your penis. In fact, many brands make several different sizes of the same toy, because men are so unique.
    This means you can avoid ill-fitting chambers and sleeves better than you can avoid your ex thanks to customisable dimensions and improved ergonomics.
  • Fragile materials
  • Just because a material claims to be "skin safe" or "flesh-like" does not mean it is durable enough to meet your requirements.
    So try not to buy toys made with poor quality sleeves and cases. These two components are important in this game because of the friction that occurs inside the chamber. This means that it's either up to you to prevent a failure or the material to resist. Which is it going to be?
  • Low battery life
  • Although the average man takes only five minutes to ejaculate, he usually wants a second round within ten minutes. The partner's pleasures aren't even factored into the equation yet and the clock is still ticking.
    So choose a toy with a long battery life, in case you have a very long to-do list. Keep in mind that most devices last about 60-120 minutes on a full charge (and some devices don't even need to be charged at all).
  • Incompatible lubricants and cleaners
  • You can ruin a perfectly good moment by using the wrong lubricant or sex toy cleaner. It seems impossible, but the chemicals in these products may or may not work with the materials in your sex machine.
    So don't be too quick to judge your device by its performance with a specific lubricant. You may be using the wrong product, so avoid incompatible combinations for the best experience.
  • Bad maintenance habits
  • A great device can turn into a big mistake in a matter of minutes if you don't look after it properly. Poor sex toy hygiene is the number one cause of injury and embarrassment in bed, so don't be mean.
    Do preventive maintenance by cleaning and storing your appliances according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't, you can't even complain to the manufacturer when it breaks, because you will be held responsible.
    Look for the five winning qualities, examine the pros and cons like an adult, and learn to avoid the five common mistakes. Then enjoy the best orgasm possible with a male-friendly sex machine you'll be proud to own (and show off to your partners).

    How to save money

    You've probably already noticed that the price of the average male sex device is about the same as your monthly mobile phone bill. If you have all the best features on your plan, it's a minimum three-figure price.
    So why are men's pleasure products so expensive and are there ways to save money? Great questions. Read on.
    It turns out that male sex devices are not as expensive as you might think when you analyse them. The price of the product itself, plus the cost of its technology, is a real bargain if you think about what it does for you.
    But in case you don't have much money to spend, here are some quick and easy tips to help you save money:

    • Buy the kit

    Often a male sex toy is sold with its compatible counterpart to encourage interactive couple play. Devices packaged in this way are usually sold at lower unit prices, so give the gift that keeps on giving by making a larger investment up front.

    • Search for discount codes

    Most pleasure product companies publish coupons either on their official website or through an affiliate. You can also save money by shopping around holidays and special occasions.
    After all, this is when many brands offer the biggest discounts to their customers.

    • Register the guarantee

    You could benefit from special savings in the future by registering your product warranty before the deadline.
    This way, you are in the manufacturer's system for product recalls, incentives from previous customers and upgrades or testing of devices. For more information on the benefits of the warranty, read the short lines.
    Remember, the more informed you are about your favourite products, the more likely you are to find what you want at an affordable price. And don't forget to check out your local adult entertainment shop, as you may find some great deals there too.

    Male Sex Machine FAQ

    Voici quelques-unes des questions les plus fréquemment posées par les hommes qui achètent et/ou utilisent des machines à sexe pour hommes de premier ordre :
    Q: How should I store my pleasure devices when I am done with them?
    A The way you store your male pleasure products depends on many factors. Therefore, always consult the owner's manual for specific instructions.
    In general, however, you should always keep your toys away from prying eyes and young children.
    You should also store your device in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place in your home. And if possible, keep it out of direct sunlight and extremely hot or cold temperatures.
    Q: Is there a special way to clean it?
    A How to clean your male pleasure products depends on many factors. Therefore, always consult the owner's manual for specific instructions.
    In general, however, you will need to rinse all surfaces with warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaning solution.
    Make sure the solution is compatible with your toy materials and follow the instructions on the label.
    Then let your toy dry completely in a well-ventilated area before storing it for safe keeping. In some cases, you may need to apply a renewal powder to the outside to prevent damage.
    Q: What happens if my machine malfunctions while I am using it?
    A Most men's fuck machines have a safety feature that prevents mid-stroke failure and potential injury.
    However, this is not a guarantee of anything, so always play it safe. For best results, never use a sex toy without a good amount of lubricant.
    If your device suddenly stops working for any reason, immediately remove yourself from the room and turn off or unplug the toy for at least 60 seconds. Consult the user manual for further instructions and keep your fingers crossed that the warranty will cover any unrepairable problems.
    Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like mine?
    A Sex toys: Most of the time, buyers of sex toys are not entitled to a refund if they are unhappy due to the nature of their purchase. In order to get any kind of refund, many companies will require you to prove that a malfunction is somehow their fault.
    This may involve photos, videos and email explanations (as well as the potential rejection of the application if you are found to be at fault).
    Few brands promise fun to all users, as this is just bad math. So try not to buy anything you are not prepared to take a risk on.
    In the end, your satisfaction is not always guaranteed, and few companies are willing to lose money on this gamble.
    Q: Can I use my toy to fuck or do I still have to pump?
    A Believe it or not, most best male sex machines are designed for positions multiple. This means that you can install them in different places to keep your hands free.
    In addition, many of them are already equipped with automatic motors and effortless pumping mechanisms to help increase the realism of the experience.
    Check the specifications of your favourite items to ensure that they are compatible with different loads. Some may lose power if held upside down, while others don't seem to change their trajectory no matter how you hold them.
    If you're the kind of guy who likes to move around, this little detail can make or break your ability to shoot. If all else fails, buy a fully manual camera, and then do what you want.
    Q: What accessories should I buy?
    A The ideal types of accessories you should use depend on the type of sex you want to have. In other words, there are enough variables to interest everyone.
    So far, men can choose from shower racks, heated poles, strap-on harnesses, virtual reality glasses, interchangeable pleasure textures and separate orifices.
    Each product is designed to work in tandem with other products for a fully personalised experience.
    However, the most important accessories are lubrication and sex toy cleaner, so skip the fancy products if you can't cover the basics.
    Q: Do I need to use lubricant when I masturbate with a machine?
    A Masturbation involves a lot of rubbing on the penis, so it is always recommended to lubricate thoroughly.
    Even if you use a device that stimulates the stem with air currents or contraction rings, it is important to create a barrier between your skin and the device.
    This is because you risk causing micro-damage to your nerve endings and losing sensation in your penis over time. In turn, you could trigger episodes of erectile dysfunction without even being in poor health.
    So put some lubricant on to avoid performance problems in the future (and uncomfortable friction in the present).
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    As this is a sex blog, most of the content is about the men (and women) in my life. I've divided my life over the last five years into small "chapters" to help you catch up with the story and characters involved.

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