The 5 best sex chairs on the market in 2023 - Reviews and best prices online (see list below)

OUR TOP PICKBondage Boutique Sex Position Chair

  • Easily dismantled and stored under your bed until the next time.
  • 4 layers of wide, reinforced elastic provide good support and rebound.
  • Peut supporter un poids maximum de 150 kg
    Liberator Black Label Esse
    • Sex furniture of elegantly elevated fetish inspiration, designed for playful restraint.
    • Designed for a variety of sexual positions and angles inspired by the Kama Sutra.
    • Optional handcuff kit and nylon extension ties.

    Combo Liberator Wedge Sex Position Rails

    • Set of 2 cushions for sexual position inclined for better positions.
    • The cushions can be used separately or together for a variety of play options.
    • The cushions have a "responsive core" for reliable support of both bodies in all positions.

    Liberator Zeppelin deckchair

    DOMINIX Deluxe Sexual Positioning Chair

    • Sturdy faux leather sex chair with two seating surfaces for use during all kinds of games.
    • The large 9 inch hole allows you to explore queening and other forms of oral sex.
    • Delivered fully pre-assembled for your convenience.


    Because you can do it, but you don't have to do it yourself.
    Did you know that more than 2 million cases of sex-related injuries have been reported in the United States, according to a recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? And if these numbers seem high, they may be even more alarming than that.
    Think about it: How willing would you be to tell a sexy ER nurse that your injuries are due to your inability to have sex without pulling a muscle? It really sucks, and luckily, there's a way to avoid it altogether.
    Sex chairs, cushions and other types of position-supporting furniture have been used by erotica enthusiasts since time immemorial. Their practicality is only surpassed by their rather attractive appearance. After all, what is more beautiful: a rolled blanket or a specially designed sex pillow?
    It's a rhetorical question, folks. We all know the answer is anything that isn't turned into something else. That includes the clothes on your bed and the supplies in your bathroom, you retards. Who in their right mind feels safe holding a position with the help of an improvised support system? Nobody, that's who.
    I started using sex chairs, pillows, wedges, ramps, and cushions when I was very young, and I consider myself lucky to have had the foresight to protect my anatomy from the rigors of a robust sex life. I have never been to the emergency room for a sex-related injury and I have never been a statistic for the NIH.
    That's because I know what I'm doing and what I'm looking for, and you will too if you follow this buying guide to the end. I don't take the time to write all this for nothing, by the way. And I'm not getting paid, so you know it's honest philanthropy. The honour of the scouts.
    You can get a good sexual furniture without first knowing some things about yourself and/or your partner. Answer these five simple questions before you start:

    • Do my partner and I want to try new sexual positions or do we just need help supporting our bodies and weight to avoid injury?
    • How much does everyone weigh and will this weight fluctuate significantly at any given time (postpartum, after dieting, etc.)?
    • Can my sex furniture be displayed in a main living area or do I need a special storage area?
    • Is there a specific type of personal lubricant that should be used because of skin sensitivities, allergies or particular sexual acts?
    • How much time do I have to clean and maintain a piece of sex furniture of luxury?

    Now that you know more about what you came here for, let's get down to business. It is also crucial to understand what I am talking about when I say "sex chair" or "furniture".
    These objects are not ordinary lounge chairs. Some of them may look like one, but they are all secretly designed to do much more. School is now in session, boys and girls. Get your pen and paper ready for some serious note-taking.

    What is a sex chair?

    Commonly known as "positional furniture", sex chairs are a type of sturdy, weight-bearing item that is used during various sexual acts to inspire and/or promote deeper penetration, a safer position and more intense orgasms for all participants.
    The best sex chairs have durable components that remain strong even under enormous pressure. This is an important factor, as a properly proportioned positional enhancement piece of furniture like this can often support the weight of more than one person at a time.
    Contemporary sex furniture is built to last, but sex chairs are particularly durable. Their overall composition is usually made of a material that is both safe for the skin and strong.
    You will mostly see wood, metal, leather or nylon in these items. However, innovative manufacturers are always playing with different materials and mixes. So don't be surprised if you discover something new by the time you read this. The important thing is to make sure that the chair or cushion is made of a durable material, because otherwise the objective is not achieved.
    Sex chairs are designed to make sex easier (or harder, depending on your taste). It's impossible to enjoy a good product if you don't know a few basics to start with.
    And even if you think it's easy to choose the right product, buying a sex-chair requires at least some knowledge about the following personal topics. Ask yourself these important questions before you start:

    • Have I ever used a sex chair or positional furniture?
      • If so, what did I like and/or dislike?
      • Would I be willing to try a similar product if it were made by another company?
      • How could I improve my experience this time?
    • What kinds of sexual acts do I intend to do or practice with my new sex chair?
      • Do I need a certain type, shape or size of sex chair?
      • How many people will participate in the sexual act and how much do they weigh?
      • Will the main user of the chair be me or my partner?
    • Do I need to take into account any particular mobility impairment?
      • Is there a particular chair design that is necessary for me to have a healthy and satisfying sex life?
      • Will my chair be used for anything other than blatant sexual acts with my partner?
      • Does the wheelchair need to be fitted with a special safety or restraint device?
    • How much money am I willing to spend on a sex chair of high quality?
      • Am I prepared for the extra costs of maintenance and/or accessories?
      • Do I need a product with a money-back guarantee or a manufacturer's warranty?
      • Does the total cost reflect the price of shipping?

    They say that knowing oneself is the first step towards pure joy. Okay, "they" don't say that, but I do. How can you enjoy a fulfilling sex life if you are not prepared to ask yourself the hard questions?
    This part of the process may seem unnecessary, but it certainly isn't. In fact, it's the only way to understand why today's best sex chairs are selling by the millions. And don't be mistaken about the types of chairs you find in the average person's kitchen. Contemporary sex chairs are not what you expect, and some of them don't even look like chairs at all. Stay tuned to find out why they are all great.


    My Top 5 best sex chairs in 2023:

    I've been trying to get everyone I know to buy a luxury sex furniture and it doesn't win me any friends. I suppose my overzealousness is due to the benefits I mentioned above, or perhaps it's because I've been lucky enough to test each of the following sex chairs myself.
    You can't judge a product until you try it, so why not start your shopping by considering the five products below? And don't be afraid to give me grief if you don't like any of them; I'm not gaining anything anyway.
    I'm just trying to help people have great sex.

    The Bondage Boutique Sexual Positioning Chair - World's Best Sex Chair


    Put your submissive in its place by attaching it to the Sex Position Enhancer Chair from Bondage Boutique.
    Durable, practical and attractive, this 21-inch metal sex chair offers a maximum weight stability of 330+ pounds (or 150 kilograms), which is surprising since it is super light and can even be disassembled quickly for easy storage.
    Designed to support you and your lover in any position you desire, it features a strong frame covered with four layers of reinforced elastic for a satisfying bounce.
    The entire frame is covered in soft, spongy foam for safety and the flat design makes it ideal for travel and impromptu lovemaking.
    Did I mention that this sex chair can be used with almost any BDSM toy, accessory or tool? Yes, it does too.
    PRO : The overall design significantly reduces muscle strain, sprains and injuries during sexual experimentation and Kamasutra exploration.
    CON: A lot of assembly is required and the elastic blanket is very difficult to stretch, so you'll need a friend to help you get the party started. So much for surprises.

    The Esse Liberator


    This sex lounger is the perfect product for all things love, stretching, exercise and napping.
    It features a double-arched design that promotes creative positioning by mimicking the curves of the average person's body while enhancing freedom of movement in every pose and posture.
    Follow the Kamasutra or create your own angles and movements on the Liberator Kamasutra - an expertly crafted piece of furniture that is almost 1.5 m long and 1.5 m wide.
    This surprisingly affordable luxury sex chair sits about 60cm off the ground and is covered in soft, skin-friendly, machine-washable micro-velour polyester with a layer of high-density, moisture-wicking foam.
    PRO: The sex-chair itself weighs only 7.5 kg, but it can support all body types and weights thanks to its robust design.
    CON: The zippered cover is a bit difficult to put back on after cleaning, as the inner foam easily gets tangled in the process.

    The Tantric Chair of Love


    As a serious contender for the place of best set, the high-end, heavy-duty Tantra Chair is an officially fantastic piece of sex furniture.
    Made from eco-friendly 100 % materials that are both good for the environment and good for your skin, this sturdy stabilizer retains its stylish appearance and essential functionality with effortless maintenance features - moisture and stain resistant patent leather materials, antimicrobial properties, and the beloved double bow design that is known for its ability to safely support any sexual position.
    A first of its kind, this studded chair is stylish, sexy and discreet enough to stay in the room even when not in use. In fact, I used mine as a decorative piece in the living room until someone pointed it out to me.
    They are no longer allowed in my home.
    PRO: It looks like an ordinary piece of furniture and can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth instead of having to remove and/or replace its cover.
    CON: It's too big and heavy to store, so you need the space and decor to justify its presence in the room.

    THE BEST FOR TOY LOVERS: The Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

    The Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow from the famous Liberator brand takes you to heaven.
    It features a universal toy holder (aka "Inception Pocket") to hold your favourite suction cup dildo, vibrator or magic wand while you have hands-free fun, and it's designed to support all body types and most weights.
    Take advantage of its versatility too: tuck the liner into the specially designed slots to make it compatible with any position or wedding aid.
    The plush, washable, skin-friendly microfiber material also features an interior pocket for a bullet vibrator, and the water-resistant lining makes it easy to care for.
    Measuring 34 inches long, 20 inches wide and 3 inches deep, it's enough for a large presence but also slips discreetly under the bed when you're done.
    PRO: It promotes better body control and facilitates hands-free play, even if a sex toy is not attached.
    CON: The dildo/vibrator is not included with this chair, but products with a sex toy included are not as good as this one.


    THE BEST FOR TOY LOVERS: The Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow
    THE BEST FOR A TIGHT BUDGET: The Liberator Talea spreader bar

    This essential piece of sexual furniture is suitable for all kinds of sexual appetites, from BDSM enthusiasts to soothing, sensual lovers. Explore your skills, practice your approach and hold your partner in the perfect position with the Liberator Talea spreader bar with handcuffs.
    This multi-tasking wonder includes a cushioned bar to hold the legs apart and a set of secure wrist or ankle cuffs. It is a fully adjustable and cleanable sex chair that folds for easy storage and fits almost any body type.
    In fact, its unique design allows for two bodies to be supported at the same time, for a sexy fight and simple incorporation of accessories. The LTS is 30 inches long and 5 inches in diameter, with a velcro cuff and waterproof cover.
    PRO: It is made of a faux leather material that is ideal for all types of lubricants, and the cover can be removed for cleaning if necessary.
    CON: The foam core could be a little thicker to reduce pelvic pressure and make long-term use more comfortable.

    Why use a chair for sex?

    Sex furniture, in one form or another, has been around and used for some time. Back then, people invented their own versions of these chairs by combining different objects in the house to support the weight of consenting people.
    Things were not nearly so certain or satisfactory at the time, but the main idea was rooted in sensitivity and logic.
    After all, a well-made piece of furniture for sexual positioning is not only better for your sex life, it is also better for your back.
    Today, top branded sex chairs are sold to people all over the world by manufacturers whose names have become commonplace.
    No longer considered taboo or torture tools, position-enhancing furniture like the Tantra Chair and Kamasutra Chair have become staples, even for people who don't consider themselves kinky. Here are what I think are the five main reasons for this development:

    • People are having safer sex

    Because high quality, sturdy sex furniture can support even the heaviest and most limited of bodies, people can enjoy the difficult positions they want without suffering from a terrible backache in the morning.
    This improved safety has inspired greater confidence in once-shy lovers, sparking a firestorm of passion between cautious couples around the world.

    • Lovers enjoy deeper penetration

    Penetration is really deep when you have the support of a well-made chair or sex cushion. Things like mobility problems, anatomical limitations, weight discrepancies and back problems can make it impossible to achieve the positions you really want.
    Bring a sturdy piece of sex furniture into the bedroom and things will start to improve almost instantly.

    • Toy fans are using their toys and BDSM restraints in a new way.

    Sex toy enthusiasts find it much easier to explore their devices and experiment with new ways of using them with the inclusion of well-made positional enhancement chairs.
    In fact, some of the best sex furniture even have built-in toys and/or universal slots to hold your favourite sex toy in place.
    Try it hands-free or attach it to your BDSM belt for even more fun and excitement.

    • Kamasutra enthusiasts are overwhelmed by the options.

    Kamasutra explorers can appreciate the benefits of a sex chair for obvious reasons. The better the furniture, the greater the number of possible positions.
    High-end sex chairs are suitable for almost all sizes and are sturdy enough to withstand sex acts that require little or no manual balancing.
    Even if you and your partner are roughly the same size, good sexual furniture can make it easier to cross Kamasutra positions off your to-do list without breaking your back.

    • Discreet people maintain their privacy

    The right sex chair serves all of these functions, but it can also serve as an attractive and functional piece of art or decoration for your home. Today's top manufacturers create stunning products that look good in the room when not in use.
    And for those of us who prefer even more discretion, most sex furniture manufacturers offer easy-to-carry, compact and/or storable options, just in case.
    As one of the most useful yet discreet products in the industry, positioning cushions are a discreet alternative to the ceiling swing.
    Now you can see why so many people choose sex chairs over any other type of positioning furniture? But it's not enough to know what a sex chair is and to discover all the ways it can improve your sex life.
    This search requires all the due diligence required to buy a house or a car, even if you thought the homework was done in high school and the acquisition of sexual furniture was quick and painless.
    There will be some hard truths to hear, but stand firm and you will come out the other side unscathed.

    Top 5 ways to know if that sex chair is worth it or not

    Buying a new chair or sex cushion may require attention to detail, but it becomes much easier if you remember to look at or consider the following five items on each piece of your shopping cart:

    • The size

    Size is important in all areas, and bigger is not always better. The size of the sex chair you choose should match the activities you plan to do with it and the body types of the people you plan to do them with.
    In other words, find furniture that suits your sex life and the people you have sex with.
    Pour certains actes sexuels, les chaises larges ou lourdes sont plus encombrantes qu’utiles. Pour d’autres actes, des chaises petites ou légères rendent certaines positions impossibles. Quel type de chaise ou de coussin sexuel pensez-vous être le plus adapté à votre situation unique, c’est la question à un million de dollars.

    • The Shape

    Stay fit by considering the overall size and shape of your favourite sex chairs. You'll find chairs and cushions of all kinds: circular, bar-shaped, triangular, wedged, four-legged, chair-style, etc.
    The shape of the chair will determine what you can do with it and how difficult or easy it is to hide it when you are not using it.
    The shape will determine what you can do with it and how easy or difficult it will be to hide when you are not using it. If the shape of the chair is wrong, it will not do its job, no matter how strong or stubborn you are.

    • Versatility

    Check if the product you like can bend, fold or change shape in any way. Versatile position enhancers make experimentation and exploration safer and more satisfying.
    Get the deep penetration you want by choosing furniture that works in more than one way, even if it means the product doesn't change shape at all.
    Today's most innovative designs are such that they inspire passion and pleasure without ever having to do anything other than exist in the room. How functional should this sex chair be?

    • The materials

    The materials used to make your sex chair are also important, even if you think this is a secondary concern. Make sure the materials are skin-friendly, breathable, washable and compatible with the type of lubrication you have chosen.
    Choose materials such as polyester, leather, patent leather, microfibre and PVC plastic to keep things as simple and easy as possible. Materials such as silk, satin and suede may look good, but are likely to be difficult to maintain, especially if you use the chair a lot.

    • The characteristics

    All sex chairs and cushions have different features, each of which is specific to the fashion and functionality of the device. Some chairs have modern design elements that allow them to blend in with their surroundings.
    Others have features such as attached dildos, vibrator pockets and/or BDSM style attachments to maintain position and enhance submission control. So you need something decorative, kinky or both, because there is a perfect chair waiting for you to discover it.
    Again, all this knowledge is useless if you don't have a full understanding of the market you are shopping in.
    Today's top sex furniture manufacturers strive to create all-inclusive products and, in doing so, give us too many options to consider.
    Get ahead of the game, because a smart marketer's main job is to take the consumer's money. Keep some of yours by ignoring the ads and paying attention to what the professionals suggest.


    Where to find the best sex chairs on the internet?
    Where to find the best sex chairs on the internet?

    LIBERATOR - The world's most famous sex furniture brand with a very large collection of products.
    LOVEHONEY - Our most recommended online sex toy shop, offering you the best prices and the fastest and most discreet delivery on the Internet.

    The end of the game

    Choosing a new sex chair is a big responsibility, especially if you are not the one who has to sit in it.
    However, thinking about your partner is only one small piece of the puzzle.
    Buying this type of furniture requires knowledge, ideas and recommendations that are not always easy to find.
    One mistake can lead to an embarrassing situation that will give you a bad impression of this product. What matters most is that you and/or your partners have a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).
    If that requires a large sex chair that looks like a fancy Victorian leather chair, then so be it. As the prophet Ice Cube once said, "You can do it, put your sex furniture in it" or something like that.

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