The 5 best sex headbands reviewed in 2023.

Did you know that many adults use blindfolds during sex? Stop thinking you're weird for wanting to experience sensory deprivation. Some studies suggest that bondage can enhance masturbation, foreplay and intercourse. Turn your sex life upside down without looking fear in the face. Cover your eyes instead.
Tailor-made sex can help to improve intimacy in relationships. It can also increase the quality of orgasms and ensure maximum satisfaction. Beginners can enjoy tailored sensations without committing to anything intense. And pros can develop a unique method of training their subordinates. The common denominator is the blindfold.
How do you buy one and what features should you look for? Are all sex toys the same or are there things to avoid? And which products are best for novices and experts? Here's what you need to know.

What is a headband?

Table of contents

  • What is a headband?
    • How are sex bands used?
    • The main characteristics
    • The pros and cons of using sex tapes
  • The 5 best bondage headbands for 2023:
    • #1. Fifty Shades of Grey 'No Peeking' Soft Twin Headband Set - The best BDSM headbands in general
    • #2. The Ouch! Mask Faux leather eye mask with diamonds
    • #3. The Bondage Boutique Faux Snake Skin Headband
    • #4. Satin and lace headband "Play Nice" from Fifty Shades of Grey
    • #5. Bondage Boutique Softband
    • Conclusion
    • FAQ about bondage headbands

Headbands are lightweight, compact and wearable devices that keep light out of your eyes. People wear them for many reasons, including sleeping better, managing headaches and having sex. They come in countless shapes, sizes and designs, with many customisable features to ensure the best fit.
High-quality eyeglass covers have a variety of features to offer different amenities. Some offer more security than others; take the professional level devices, for example. They often have strong clasps and durable materials to prevent accidental leakage. The best model therefore depends on the user's intentions.
Sex bands are technically bondage accessories. Many retailers classify them as props, but they sometimes play a central role in a session. Buy yours with unique features to personalise the experience and keep things exciting. You may not see it coming, but you'll definitely feel it.

How are blindfolds used for sex?

A blindfold covers your eyes. It prevents you from seeing your surroundings during sex, foreplay or masturbation. The main purpose of blocking vision is to heighten the other senses. These props intuitively excite the delicate nerve endings by unlocking the subconscious. They encourage you to "think outside the body" while experiencing pain or pleasure.
Many people also use blindfolds to eliminate discomfort during experimental sex. Partners can do uncomfortable things without having to accidentally look each other in the eye. The person wearing the BSDM accessories can play the role of an unsuspecting submissive or switch roles to give sensations on a whim. And since these devices are compatible with most bondage equipment, you can use them with anything in your existing collection.
Some people prefer to cover their eyes when acting, as this suppresses emotions and suspends assumed beliefs. This is why many couples use blindfolds to rekindle passions. The absence of vision allows them to surprise each other in bed. This is an exceptional advantage for people in long-term relationships that have become stale.

The main characteristics

Sex bands come in many shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You can also adapt these bondage accessories to other items in your collection. Many manufacturers create interchangeable products to help buyers develop their skills in style. Some even have special features for attachments and other customizations.
The purpose of these devices is to block the wearer's vision. Sensory deprivation can help to heighten the other senses, which enhances sexual sensation and increases pleasure. For this reason, most blindfolds are opaque or solid to prevent seeing what is going on. They also usually have features that help the device stay in place during sexual activity.
The everyday headband is relatively simple, and there is no need to assemble or disassemble it. You may need to attach the head strap or adjust the fit, but most bondage accessories are ready to use right out of the box. Read the instructions for specific information, usage tips and safety warnings. Don't worry, there is little chance of injury from a headband unless it gets caught in your hair.
Many models have an adjustable strap or clasp for a custom fit. They also feature soft, skin-friendly materials to avoid irritation during rigorous sessions. Some are lined with faux fur or silk, while others are more robust for pain induction, partner control and intense BDSM. Choose your weapons carefully, because it's all fun and games until someone sees through the mask.
DID YOU KNOW : You can wear a blindfold during sex for several hours without damaging your eyes or permanently affecting your vision.

The pros and cons of using sex blindfolds

Nothing is perfect, so an item that suppresses one of your primary senses should be considered carefully. Although there are few safety issues, users can still experience mishaps if they choose the wrong headband. It is essential to discuss the pros and cons before buying anything. Here's what you need to know:


  • They open up a world of perverse sexual games with partners.
  • You can use them alone or with someone else.
  • The headbands are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are compact and lightweight.
  • You don't need any special skills or extra equipment.
  • Intense bondage is not necessary.
  • Most are made from hypoallergenic materials.


  • Poor quality materials can tear during rough sex.
  • Straps can irritate your skin if they are too tight.
  • Eye masks can make your face hot and sweaty.
  • You can have or cause accidents due to lack of vision.

Using a sex blindfold is a right and a responsibility. You owe it to yourself and your partner to do your due diligence. When we enjoy simple products, we assume that everything is easy and there is nothing to learn. Playing with sexy eye masks is fun if you are careful before, during and after each session. You may not have a learning curve, but you can have mishaps without proper preparation.
Find out what to look for and what to avoid before buying sex toys or bondage gear. This will avoid disappointment at the checkout or during play. Also talk to your partner about their preferences. Find out what their hidden fantasies are so you can develop an exciting collection that satisfies them.

Things to look for

Buying sex toys can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, and no two products are the same. How do you know which devices to choose and which to ignore? Why is it important that a blindfold never penetrates your body? The answers may surprise you.
Quality is essential here, as your skin is sensitive, sex is rigorous, and slippage is a no-no. Imagine you're getting ready to splurge and surprise your lover with something extraordinary. Meanwhile, he is busy fussing with the blindfold to pay attention to your flirtation. How to make the evening so hot with so many obstacles? Choose the best sex blindfolds by looking for these basic features:

#1. High quality materials

Some people might think that materials don't matter for external devices, but they are wrong. Textiles that touch your face can make or break your experience. Soft materials are gentle on your skin, don't irritate when you sweat and match the rest of your collection. Anything else is a waste of money.

#2. Adjustable straps

Not all people have the same head shape or size, so their sexy headgear should take this into account. Otherwise, the device could slip off during sex and reveal your hidden surprises. Adjustable straps also offer more control options when experimenting with different bondage scenarios. You can loosen or tighten the device depending on the direction your submissive wants to go.

#3. Attractive designs

Bondage is about performance and creating or fulfilling a fantasy. This means that your props must be coordinated to give full force. Attractive headbands communicate your control of the situation and make you look like a pro. They also look better on your partner's face and are usually compatible with other toys, even competing brands.
Remember that buying a headband is personal. Look for products that turn you and your partner on, but make sure they have all the features mentioned above and none of the things you don't want.

Things to avoid

What should you avoid when buying a sexy eye mask? Fortunately, the list is short. You should avoid poor quality materials and poor construction. These qualities can waste your money and make the sessions more frustrating than fantastic. However, materials are not your only concern.
Never buy a headband without considering its maintenance. High-end bondage gear is beautiful and durable, but some can be difficult to clean. Avoid leather if you want a simple routine. Opt for nylon, faux leather or synthetic material to save time and avoid messes.
The way your straps are connected to the eye make-up is also crucial. Seams tend to tear over time and may need repair. Avoid thin or fragile threads and buy sturdy devices instead. You can usually find out more about each option by reading the product description or owner's manual.

Top 5 best bondage headbands for 2023:

There are countless headband options available, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. However, some are better than others because of their overall design and user-friendly features. Here are my top five choices to consider:

#1. Fifty Shades of Grey "No Peeking" Soft Twin Headband Set - The Best BDSM Headbands in the World

Make part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure collection your own with the 'No Peeking' soft twin headband set. It features a high-stretch design to fit all head shapes and a silky smooth finish for sensory enhancements without irritation. Enjoy a comfortable, snug fit to satisfy your whims and introduce new concepts. This BDSM accessory comes as a set to promote partner play and teasing out of sight.

  • Includes storage
  • Elastic strap
  • Skin-friendly polyester

PRO : You can use these masks to sleep when you are not having sex.
CON : The elastic strap can get tangled in your hair when you make love or sleep.

#2. The Ouch! Mask Diamond studded leatherette eye mask

Ouch! It hurts so much. The faux leather eye mask with diamonds could be the cause. This BDSM toy prevents any light from entering your eyes, with an adjustable belt strap to ensure a perfect fit. It is also part of a unique bondage collection with matching accessories for a rewarding experience. Sculpted for total concealment, you can control the scenario and reward or punish your submissive without stress.

  • Includes storage
  • Toothed belt with loop
  • Skin resistant faux leather

PRO : The Ouch! Studded Bondage Collection includes several matching accessories.
CON : The material may produce an odour if you wear the device for too long or forget to clean it.

#3. The Bondage Boutique Faux Snake Skin Headband

Bondage Boutique's faux snake headband could be the luxury item your collection has been waiting for. It features a smooth, visceral exterior and is lined with soft faux fur for hours of comfortable play. Its ergonomic shape fits perfectly around your eyes for superior coverage, and the strap can adjust to your body. The hardware is shiny brass for an extra touch of colour that communicates enthusiasm for the occasion.

  • Includes storage
  • Toothed belt with loop
  • Skin resistant faux leather

PRO : Its unique design makes it compatible with many different product styles.
CON : Fake fur lining can irritate the skin around your eyes and cause sweating.

#4. Satin and lace headband "Play Nice" from Fifty Shades of Grey

Ordinary couples also like bondage. It doesn't always have to be brutal, and products like the 'Play Nice' satin and lace headband from Fifty Shades of Grey are proof of that. This delicate device is inspired by the novel's main character, with a fashionable design that doubles as a sleep mask. Adjust it to fit your face and enjoy hours of pleasure with or without your partner. Take your time with an easy-to-live-with accessory.

  • Includes storage
  • Elastic strap
  • Skin-friendly silk and satin

PRO : Soft materials can really improve the condition of your skin over time.
CON : It does not obscure vision and may encourage prying eyes.

#5. Bondage Boutique Softband

The Bondage Boutique Soft Blindfold is perfect for BDSM beginners and casual couples. It features a no-fuss design with simple features like an adjustable fit and soft materials. You can also coordinate it with almost anything in your collection with its solid black look. Keep it simple or step up your game with a versatile device designed for sexual experimentation and simple sensory deprivation.

  • Does not include storage
  • Elastic strap
  • Skin-friendly polychloroprene

PRO : This lightweight accessory is perfect for quick hits and travel.
CON : The inexpensive design means that you may need to replace this unit sooner.


Sex bands can be fun, but you need to choose the best one and use it correctly. Buy high-quality bondage accessories from trusted manufacturers. Then read the user manual to find out the essential details before you spend your money.

FAQ about bondage headbands

Here are the most frequently asked questions about bondage and sex tape:

How do I clean a headband?

Cleaning your sex toys and accessories is relatively easy, with few steps to follow. Always check the owner's manual for specific instructions and safety warnings. Most blindfolds require a quick rinse with water and perhaps a mild sex toy cleaner to remove or prevent stains. However, you can also clean some in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Don't put your eye masks in the dishwasher; rub them by hand to remove stubborn dirt.

Is there a particular way to store my bondage gear?

Storing sex toys and accessories is relatively easy, with a few steps to follow. Always check the owner's manual for specific instructions and safety warnings. Most sex bands come with a storage bag for convenience. However, this is not always the case. Keep your equipment hidden and out of direct sunlight to avoid material damage. Do not store your masks in stagnant water or extreme temperatures as this may compromise their quality. Use a bedside drawer and drawstring bag for safe storage.

Can I hurt myself if I can't see during sex?

You can get hurt during sex even if you never use bondage toys or equipment. However, blindfolds can increase the risk of an accident because they block your ability to see. Although you can still use your other senses, not being able to see objects in your path can be dangerous. Always play with a trusted partner and prepare the ground before you start. This will help avoid accidents while you are teasing each other in different positions.

Do sex bands come with a guarantee?

Some bondage accessories are covered by a limited manufacturer's warranty. Many cover factory and shipping damage or product quality problems for up to two years. However, each brand offers different coverage; some offer none at all. For more information, consult the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. You can also ask the retailer for more details.

How to register a sex toy warranty?

Registering sex toys is easy but may depend on the brand. Some devices require you to register the device online, while others provide a warranty registration card with the product. Fill in the necessary information to protect your investment and benefit from low-cost repairs and replacements. Also keep your receipt in case the manufacturer needs proof of your purchase date.

Can a headband completely block my vision?

Headbands can block your vision or partially cover you, depending on the materials and design. Choose your devices based on the situation, your partner's preferences and any safety concerns you may have. Also, if something goes wrong, remove the device from your face and fix the problem immediately to avoid mishaps.
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