The Christmas party in style with this gift box!

The Christmas Gift Box is a gift that brings together everything you need for a relaxed and dapper Christmas. It includes a fully customisable wooden pouch, a bottle of fresh mineral water and a bouquet of arranged flowers. With this gift, your next guest will experience a festive atmosphere without having to worry about anything!

The Christmas party in style with this gift box!

If you have purchased them, here are 10 jewellery ideas to wear for Christmas!

1. A gold necklace with Christmas motifs

2. A blue velvet glove with silver and glass glitter skewers

3. A pendant in the shape of a Christmas tree branch

4. A silver bracelet with glass balls and a white plastic star

5. A white silk scarf with a central cut-out

6. A wooden Christmas box

7. A silver bracelet with glass buttons and a pearl on one side and a sapphire on the other

8. A silver necklace with an apple ring and two shiny pendants from the branches of a Christmas tree

9. A bouquet of dry flowers or secret plants in winter balloons as you wish

10. A silver bracelet decorated with small diamonds and tiny stars on a tricolour silk filigree

Why choose a gift box for Christmas?

If you are looking for a cool and original gift to give to the people you love the most, here are some ideas for you. If you want to avoid traditional retailers, opt for a gift box. This type of gift offers a multitude of possibilities and at prices that are not always excessive.

Here are the main reasons why choosing a gift box for Christmas is a great idea.

The choice of products. A gift box can include products of all sizes and categories. It is therefore possible to find a gift box for every taste.

The gift box is a good compromise. If you want to give your family or friends a gift that will please them, but that is not too expensive, a gift box is a rigorously applicable solution.

Style variation. It is possible to find a gift box that reflects your personal style. If you want to give your loved one an idea of your personality, choose a gift box in the shape of an animal or plant.

The gift box is an unusual gift. If your loved one likes surprises, choose a gift box that is not very common. This type of gift offers more chances that your loved one will not expect it!

The wooden gift box is also a great idea for Christmas. These gifts look good and are very durable.

If you want to give an unexpected and original gift to your loved one, choose a wooden gift box. This type of gift is hard to find, but it will bring your loved one a lot of joy!


What types of Christmas gift sets are the most popular?

This year, for Christmas, people like unusual and original gifts. So gift boxes are the best choices for people who want to be surprised. Here are some of the most popular gift boxes for Christmas 2018:

- A fairground gift box: These fairground gift boxes are particularly popular for their unusual and surprising nature. They can be made of wood, metal or glass. People also particularly like gift boxes that border on the shop they are visiting. This gives a touch of authenticity to your gift.

- A handmade gift box: These handmade gift boxes are popular because they are customizable. People also like python gift boxes and leather gift boxes.

- A gift box, a song: These gift boxes, which usually sell for $50 to $100, are made with a song in the plastic bottom. In different ways, the song can be reproduced on the door of the box. People love this trend because it makes the gift very personal.

The Christmas Gift Box is perfect for giving your loved one the most personalised and original Christmas gifts. This box contains 4 different boxes, all of them with motifs representing elements of the new year. What a way to make your gift unique!

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