The 10 best sucking machines in 2023 - Reviews and discount codes to save big

Machines designed to imitate the sensations of fellatio were originally wet dreams.
Men from all walks of life have fantasized about getting a decent blowjob without having to deal with gagging, complaining and credit card charges.
Thanks to advances in technology, these eager men can now sit back and enjoy what feels like real life without ever involving a reluctant partner or an awkward gag reflex.
Better yet, most of the best devices Today's oral sex simulators offer a variety of fun and interactive features that allow couples to simultaneously explore the limits of their orgasms without even being in the same room.
Whether it's a lustful loner or a lover with a hard-on, these magical machines can work wonders on every call if you use them correctly.

Luckily, modern BJ machines are not limited to simulating the sensations of oral sex. Well-made models can actually be customized in a variety of ways so that users can experience exactly what they are looking for.
However, unlike male masturbation toys, imitation blowjob machines do not usually encompass the entire shaft of the penis.
Instead, they are usually either shallow enough to stimulate only the glans and frenulum like a natural fellatio, equipped with specialized tongue-like sleeve textures and features, or a bit of both.
In any case, these amazing sex toys have a way of making real objects obsolete.

Why use an automatic sucking machine (aka pacifier simulator)?

Unfortunately (and surprisingly), simply giving live blowjobs a thing of the past is not enough for every man or couple to see the value in owning one of these toys.
On the bright side, there seem to be at least three different benefits for the average user once a blow job device is attached to their penis.
These benefits may vary from person to person, but in general, here are the main advantages of incorporating these devices into your sex toy collection:

  • Pleasure on demand

These types of toys (and almost all automatic love machines for that matter) give users the freedom to choose when and where they want to have sex and/or masturbate, while giving them the superior sensations they need without always needing the help of a partner.
Most of them are also fully rechargeable and offer many speed and intensity settings to explore. Some even have access to huge online 3D porn databases that sync with the virtual reality glasses.

  • Improvement of sexual endurance

Because toys of this type provide extremely intense sensations that rival real oral sex, it is almost impossible for a user not to climax. Often, orgasm is reached within minutes of using the device.
That's why millions of men are using oral sex specially designed for improve their sexual resistance and endurance.
In fact, many relationship therapists recommend a pre-game pump for men who have problems with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

  • Improving long-distance relationships

Grâce aux innovations dans des domaines comme la télédildonique, le Bluetooth, la réalité virtuelle et l’imagerie 3D, les meilleures machines à pipes d’aujourd’hui comportent généralement un ou plusieurs composants interactifs de haute technologie destinés à faire de l’amour à distance en temps réel une réalité.
Sexting and dick pics have only limited reach for our society, which means we would have eventually invented these things anyway. Enhance your love life in a "natural" way with technologically advanced toys like these.
Advantages aside, there is no real way to enjoy a blowjob simulation toy if you don't choose the right one.
The market is full of options and manufacturers seem to go out of their way to get your attention (even if you wouldn't have cared otherwise).
In reality, there's only one way to find what you're looking for: Use a comprehensive list of features, factors and considerations to make your choice easier and more informed.

6 ways to know if that pipe machine is worth it or not

Your cue is hard, so don't just throw away any old sex toy on it and hope to have a worthwhile experience. You will certainly find many different models, but only a handful of them have the features and functionality that most men are looking for.
Take apart each of the toys you are considering by carefully considering the following six points:

  • The dimensions

Size is and always has been an extremely important fact of life, especially when it comes to sex, foreplay and sex toys. The size of your blowjob simulator matters more than you might think.
Make sure you can insert the appropriate amount of your penis into the chamber by checking the total length of the device as well as the insertion length and allowable circumference of the canal.
Most men are between 10 and 20 cm long and need about 1 to 2 cm of width to be comfortable.

  • The shape

Shape is also important, but it is a feature that is often overlooked or underestimated. Often confused with appearance, the shape of a sex toy does more than just make it pretty.
Ergonomics plays a special role in how the human body interacts with man-made objects.
Make sure that the shape of this BJ machine you are holding in your hands is suitable for your body type, limited mobility (if any) and your intentions, so that you don't get "stuck" with a relatively unsatisfactory and uncomfortable purchase.

  • The characteristics

Feature crazes happen all the time and that's because consumers don't pay enough attention to what they are buying. A good sucker will feature components that focus their efforts on your penis (namely the glans, frenulum and crown).
Whether these components vibrate, oscillate, pump, twitch or twist is a matter of design and engineering.
Either way, you'll want to make sure that these elements work together seamlessly and enjoyably while giving you the options you need to experience the kind of sex you want.

  • The materials

You don't need to know what materials were used to make our sex toys. Just know that things have changed and knowledge has increased, which means you don't have to settle for devices made with potentially harmful parabens or phthalates.
The most popular hypoallergenic materials used today are typically silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a proprietary polycarbonate blend.
Choose these materials to avoid skin irritation or allergic reactions and be aware that there are still devices made of latex on the market.

  • Compatibility

Apparently, making a machine that mimics the sensations of a real blowjob wasn't enough for the average sex toy designer, as most blowjob machines available today are designed to be compatible with another toy or at least connectable to libraries of online porn movies and games.
High-quality interactive suck toys can be equipped with super cool and compatible features, such as free, downloadable smart apps, universal phone mounts, motion sensors, wireless remotes and touch control pads for quick and effortless setting adjustments.
If visual aids, couples games and/or long distance love are your thing, this is one factor you don't want to ignore.

  • The design (easy to use)

Too often, we see an otherwise amazing device hit rock bottom because of its crappy design. In other words, none of the above factors matter if the toy is incredibly difficult to use.
Most high-end BJ sex toys have superb ergonomics and a user-friendly control interface, but this is not always the case.
Also, even the best-designed machines sometimes have components that are difficult for the average user to handle. Make sure your machine isn't too simple or too complex, as not all of them come with a warranty or money-back guarantee.
The fact is that the pill is even harder to swallow than that.
You see, the industry is filled with products that all have roughly the same features, components and materials.
It all depends on how these items are executed, but the average person may not find out until long after they have spent their money.
The apprehension is certainly understandable, but it disappears as soon as the consumer has some good suggestions.

Top 10 best sucking devices in 2023:

Speaking of good suggestions from an honest and objective source, here are what I believe to be the top 10 best pipe machines in the industry (and what I believe to be the standard by which all future pipe machines will be made):

#1: The I.A. Autoblow - Best overall sucking machine


The A.I. in the name of this toy stands for "artificial intelligence", making it the very first sex toy to incorporate such high-tech and intuitive features into its core design.
Not only does the Autoblow A.I. contain on-board programming that learns your unique sexual behaviors as you use it, but it also offers an edging feature that allows you to start and stop your sessions without losing your carefully chosen setting.
This device uses an all-new penis grip design to enhance the realism of the toy and can even be set to stimulate one of 250 specific penis areas with the custom Pleasure Zone feature.
Best of all, this automatic sucking machine does not require batteries or a charger and can therefore be used continuously for very intense sex and/or masturbation.

  • Spring loaded beads wrapped in cushioned silicone.
  • Flesh-like texture of the canal
  • Removable and interchangeable sleeve for easy cleaning and customization.
  • Generous 5-inch typing surface
  • Made from skin-friendly materials
  • Power supply for non-stop sex
  • Suitable for all penis sizes


  • Not ideal for use with a partner
  • Cannot connect to other toys or pornographic content online.
  • A bit of a strange look

#2. The Kiiroo Keon fellatio simulator


You can complain that there are no good sucking machines or you can try the Kiroo Keon.
This is a manual penis stroking device with tremendous power and customizable features. Reach speeds of up to 230 pumps per minute on the highest setting. And control the stroke length with the push of a button.
The KK masturbator connects to a huge online pornographic database with interactive XXX activities.
Plus, you can sync the toy with your favorite pair of VR glasses for multi-dimensional fun.

  • Splash-proof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Latex-free materials

PROThe opening is neutral but the channel offers an exclusive texture for increased pleasure.
CON: You only get about 60 minutes of playing time with each charge.

#3. The Fleshlight Universal Launch + Turbo Thrust Combo


Enjoy countless hours of precision perversion with the new Universal Launch from Fleshlight.
It works with almost any stroker in their inventory, including the Fleshlight Turbo Blowjob series and the Stamina Training Unit (STU).
Meanwhile, it reaches speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute. And you can mount your smartphone to watch high-definition XXX content while you play. Sync the machine to your favorite 3D porn, then sit back and let the motors do their work.
Embark on a hands-free adventure to the limits of your libido.

  • Splash-proof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly materials

PRO: This device offers you unlimited possibilities of pleasure with sufficient equipment.
CON: A great device

#4. The Lovense Max 2


The Lovense Max 2 is worth mentioning because it is technically the world's first ever high-tech BJ machine. It can mimic the contractions of a real human body while vibrating at different speeds and intensities.
Using a patent-pending air pump mechanism, the LM2 can send thrills down the shaft of your penis while syncing with your partner's compatible device for real-time pleasure via Bluetooth.
Oh yeah, and it can also connect to a decent-sized library of online VR porn media.

  • Ideal design for beginners and couples
  • USB rechargeable
  • Made from skin-friendly materials


  • Low battery life

#5. The Fleshlight Turbo Ignition BJ Simulator


Do it your way with the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition.
It is one of the few oral sex simulation devices from the brand, and offers a unique approach to personal pleasure.
With three entry points, an improved handle texture and an ergonomic housing, this toy sets the standard for manual masturbation. You can use it manually or hands-free with the Universal Launch device.
In addition, the case is transparent and has an adjustable suction cup for even more customization.

  • 100% waterproof
  • No load required
  • Skin-friendly materials

PROYou can locate the different parts of your penis thanks to the exclusive design of the sleeve.
CONThe suction can make stroking more difficult for people with limited mobility.

#6. Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Riley Reid Pack


Created by the same innovative company that made the original full-size Fleshlight device, the FL Quickshot Launch is a similar automatic sucking machine that houses the brand's smaller, more compact and transparent masturbator.
It has a well-placed universal smartphone mount and, despite its distinctive design, runs on a powerful motor that generates four different speeds and stroke lengths while using cutting-edge technologies like touch control pads and customizable fun zones to enhance the 250 strokes per minute capacity.
And thanks to the innovative open-ended handle design, this gear is even easier to enjoy than the first.
It even has an active launch mode that allows you to use it while it's still on the charger, which means you can watch your dick get its kicks no matter how busy you are.

  • Transparent masturbator for increased visual pleasure.
  • Compatible with VR glasses and online porn libraries.
  • Fits almost any size penis
  • Specially textured sleeve material
  • Dual handles with integrated buttons for better control
  • Recharegable by USB
  • Made from skin-friendly materials


  • Not compatible with full-size Fleshlight units.
  • A little weird/difficult to hide.

#7. The Arcwave Ion


With such an intense approach to male pleasure, the Arcwave Ion lets you hit and stop.
This advanced device uses Pleasure Air technology to stimulate the frenulum. In turn, this enhanced technology produces a sensation that mimics an intense clitoral orgasm.
The Ion also has eight distinct pleasure settings to target deep nerve endings. And with the Smart Silence feature, this powerful masturbator can turn on or off depending on how close it is to your body.
See the LED display on your toy for details.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly materials

PRO: You get over an hour of play time with each full charge.
CONThere is only 3.5 inches of insertable length for penetration.

#8. The LELO F1S Version 2 (V2)


Tap into the kinky potential of technology with this app-controlled male vibrator.
The LELO F1S Version 2 (V2) is a new and improved example of why customization is the key to fun.
It sends intertwined sound waves to the heart of your penis, with each command tailored to your specifications via an app.
With a dual-engine design and a publicly available software development kit (SDK), this revolutionary sex toy lets you intuitively play with the possibilities.
So control sex from anywhere, but never let sex control you.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly materials

PROYou can synchronize this device via Bluetooth with your favorite 3D pornographic content.
CONThe orifice may not provide the tightness or detail that some users prefer.

#9. The TENGA Aero


Inspired by everyday air fresheners, TENGA Aero offers a simple design that hides in plain sight. It also offers a level of discretion that encourages exploration.
With a hard plastic housing that twists to adjust suction, this device keeps kink simple and sophisticated.
Try one of the 10 settings while pushing into the spongy hole. There's an exclusive texture inside, and you can quickly remove it for easy cleaning later.
No guts, no glory, no pain, only benefits.

  • 100% waterproof
  • No load required
  • Skin-friendly materials

PRO: With a lightweight design, it is one of the best male masturbators for travel.
CONThe 5.5 inch insert length may not be sufficient for some users.

    • #10. The TITAN from Kiiroo


Maybe give your masturbation game a boost with the Kiiroo TITAN, an extra-compatible male masturbation device that not only mimics the sensations of oral sex, but also simulates natural sex depending on the setting.
This couples-friendly device features a 9-motor interface that generates a wide range of pleasurable vibrations, and allows for the same interactive experiences as the Fleshlight Launch without being as bulky.
Capable of being used in manual or automatic mode, the KT toy can send real-time commands to your partner's toy using Teledildonics technology, all controlled by a free smartphone app that works wonders for long distance relationships.
Best of all, it features the brand's patented "Real Feel" insert, which resembles real human skin, so your experiences never feel like a fake.

      • Compatible with all Kiiroo sex toys.
      • Stealth opening for better discretion
      • Removable sleeve for easy maintenance
      • Application controlled interface option
      • Compatible with 2D and 3D pornographic content
      • USB rechargeable
      • Made from skin-friendly materials


      • Not compatible with Fleshlight Launch or Quickshot Launch.
      • Smooth channel features no texture

Where to find the best sucking machines online:

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The end of the game

I don't like to boss people around, but never buy a blowjob simulation toy unless you've put it through the wringer.
At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how excited you are, how inexpensive the device is, or how cleverly it was presented to the market.
What matters most is that you and/or your partner have a safe and satisfying sexual experience with this device (hopefully more than once).
If that means a shallow, mouth-like, fully automatic device with a textured, interchangeable sleeve and lots of fun settings, then so be it. Amazing head has been playing hard to get for long enough.

FAQ about sucking machines

Q: What is an automatic sucking machine supposed to do?
A: These unique machines are meant to provide their users with a wide variety of pleasurable, penis-centric sensations, including, but not always, mimicking the sensation of real oral sex.
Not all of them are designed for a specific purpose, but many of them are intended to help men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and even social or performance anxiety.
In addition, some of the more high-tech models offer interactive features that promote sensual exploration, couple's games and long-distance relationships.
Q: How do I use this thing?
A: In general, the standard BJ toy has a narrow, often mouth-shaped orifice and a short, textured channel that sometimes contains vibrating motors, waving beads or other components.
Users simply insert their erect penis into the top opening to begin enjoying fully manual or automatic customizable masturbation.
In most cases, the use of a good water-based lubricant is also highly recommended.
Q: Can I use one of these devices if I have erectile dysfunction?
A: Not all oral devices are designed for men with erectile dysfunction, as they require penetration from an erect or semi-erect penis. Look for an open-ended or hinged device - something that closes around the penis or stimulates it directly, whether it's hard or not.
Most masturbation devices for men of today are unfortunately designed to stimulate the average man's penis.
However, several significant improvements have been made to the market offering in recent years, which means that male masturbators are now more appropriate than ever for people with erectile dysfunction.
Q: Can I use one of these devices if I have Peyronie's disease (penile curvature)?
A: Not all BJ's devices are designed for men with Peyronie's disease (PD) because they require direct penetration from a straight penis. Look for a device that has an open or articulated shape - something that closes around your curved penis or stimulates it directly.
Unfortunately, most male masturbation devices today are designed to stimulate the average man's penis.
However, several significant improvements have been made to the market offering in recent years, which means that male masturbators are now more appropriate than ever for people with Parkinson's disease.
Q: Are there specific things I should ALWAYS do with my device?
A: Owning a masturbation device is an exercise in freedom, self-expression and discipline.
So, other than using your device only according to the manufacturer's instructions, there is virtually no limit to the things you can do with yours.
As a general rule, always read the owner's manual and clean your unit after each use according to the instructions in it.
If you are in a relationship, always communicate your needs and desires to your partner before using any of these toys.
Q: Are there any specific things I should NEVER do with my device?
A: Never use a non-waterproof device in or around water or dense moisture. Never use your device for anything other than its intended purpose (as specified by the designer).
Always remember to clean your toy after each use and never store it where it is exposed to direct sunlight, dust, debris or extreme hot/cold temperatures.
If you are in a relationship, never let one of these toys drive a wedge between you and your partner(s).
Q: How do I properly maintain a toy like this?
A: The manufacturer of each toy should give you all the information you need to properly clean and maintain your new device.
Some provide a quick setup guide and then offer a full manual on their website, while others include the full manual in the toy box.
In all cases, be sure to follow the care instructions carefully. In general, you will be told to remove the sleeve, empty its contents and rinse it with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap.
Some specialized toys require specific cleaning and/or equipment renewal products, so be careful.
Q: Will this device desensitize my penis in any way?
A: It is well documented that excessive sex and/or masturbation can cause health and wellness problems such as erectile dysfunction and general penile desensitization. This is especially true in men who overuse devices with extremely intense sleeve textures or features.
Using retardant products such as sprays, lotions and preservatives can allow users to enjoy their devices more often without suffering the consequences.
However, regular use without these products should never be a problem if the user always takes advantage of the device in a responsible manner.
Q: What happens if my toy malfunctions or breaks?
A: If you have the opportunity, always register your device warranty within the first 30 days of your purchase.
This way, you will have a backup solution in case of problems.
Special care must be taken with non-warranty devices and, in the event of breakage or malfunction, they must be repaired only with spare parts manufactured by the original manufacturer.
Q: Is it possible to get hurt using a male masturbation device?
A: Yes, in rare cases, men have reported injuring themselves while using (or misusing, rather) their male masturbation device, particularly electronic devices without an emergency stop button.
These tiny cases did not result in serious damage to the individuals in question, although their devices were probably damaged in the end. As with anything else available to consumers, irresponsible behavior can quickly harm you.
Please use your male masturbators as if you had common sense.

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