Top 5 best sex toys for long distance relationships in 2023 - Reviews and discounts

Believe it or not, one of my most intense relationships was with someone who lived over 1,300 km away from me. We chatted online for a while until things got serious, but the whole time we both felt held back by the limitations of distance.
You can only have so much phone sex before things get unsatisfying.
We wanted to feel each other's body movements in real time, but most of our sex toys didn't have the features to support that kind of action. We had to make a tough decision: Either break up and find someone closer, or search high and low for the best long-distance sex toys. You can probably guess which we ended up doing.
After countless trials and errors, my lost lover and I are still going strong despite our differences in distance and desire. In fact, high-tech and/or interactive sex toys for couples ended up being the saving grace of our relationship - in fact, the only reason we stayed together for so long.
Chat sessions and photo exchanges are great, but they will never inspire lasting bonds like reaching orgasm in unison. So, regardless of what others think about the state of our relationship, we've let the intuitive and innovative sex toy industry take over our love lives.
The resulting union was not only intense, but fulfilling, satisfying, and (in many ways) better than the sexual connections I've had with my partners in person over the years.
You know what they say, "Love knows no bounds." I totally agree with that statement, and so will most people who have ever been in love. The fact is: The person you are supposed to be with right now may not be in front of you as we speak.


Our planet is vast, so finding your favorite fuck buddy can take a little creativity. But thanks to advances in technology and communications, it's easier than ever to meet someone on the other side of the world without having to come up with a complex plan to do so. It's a small world after all.
But what happens when two people on opposite sides of the globe find themselves sexually attracted to each other and want to express those feelings in an organic way?
Airline tickets and passports are much more expensive than long distance sex toys, I'm just saying. However, I understand that not everyone knows what a long distance sex toy is (or isn't) or what it does (or doesn't do).
As sad as it is, this lack of knowledge is probably due to the fact that no one is really talking about these things, let alone providing useful information to those who need it. It's virtually impossible to take advantage of this advanced technology if you have no idea what's going on, so you'd think that sex toy manufacturers would be working to get the facts out more. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

On the bright side, the process of selecting the best option is not too difficult once you know what you are doing. Just make sure you are prepared for what is to come, as today's market is flooded with choices and not all of them are as amazing as the manufacturer claims.
There are some things you need to know to avoid getting have, getting scammed and/or being disappointed in the end. Essentially, your long-distance relationship can be as hot and steamy as you want it to be, but a few tools are needed to get the job done right. Here's what you need to know.

What are interactive sex toys for long distance relationships?

Defining these things is just as important as knowing they exist, so don't skip this part just because you think you have it all figured out. An interactive sex toy is essentially a couple's pleasure device - something you probably already know.
The only difference is that interactive sex toys have very high-tech components that allow users to enjoy various settings and sensations in real time with a partner who is not in the same room. Imagine feeling what your lover feels or, better yet, being directly responsible for the quality and duration of their orgasm despite your proximity. That's space-age shit.

Sex toys for long distance love come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with hookup options available in almost every variety of sex toy on the market today.
In other words, you can get LD dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, male masturbators and just about everything in between if you know where to buy and what to look for. We no longer have to masturbate manually using only our hands and imagination. It really is a great time to be alive, as these types of sex toys are bridging where there were once centuries-long gaps.
So, do you have what it takes to support this shift in humanity's sexual scope or are you going to go back into your hole until you die of dissatisfaction? There's only one way to find out.
To determine whether or not you should consider these types of toys, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has my partner or I ever used a high-tech remote sex toy (LDST)?
    • What was my/our experience with this toy?
    • Is there anything we did or did not like about using an LDST?
    • How would we do it differently if we tried to use one again?
  • Do I have the knowledge and/or equipment to support this high-tech toy?
    • Is my data or my internet connection secure or shared?
    • What are the streaming limits of my smart device or PC?
    • Est-ce que je sais comment connecter le tout et le faire fonctionner ou dois-je demander des instructions au fabricant ?
  • What types of skin are at stake here?
    • Does anyone have an allergy to certain materials?
    • Can certain materials and/or substances cause irritation?
    • Is there a specific type of personal lubricant I/we should use during sex or mutual masturbation?
  • How do my partner and I best connect?
    • Are you sexier during a dirty conversation or more excited by visual stimulation?
    • Is watching pornography an option in your relationship?
    • Do you like role playing games or BDSM games?
  • Quel est mon budget pour un sex-toy à distance ?
    • Have I taken into account the cost of maintenance and accessories?
    • Do I need a device that comes with everything or can I afford to buy additional parts and/or compatible toys for my partner?
    • Would a manufacturer's warranty be helpful in my situation?

Don't be discouraged if you feel defeated by answering all these questions. And don't give up just because going through them seems to disqualify you. Keep in mind that interactive sex toys are not for everyone. Okay, that's a lie. They are even a logical choice for traditional couples who just want to make things more interesting.
And even if you don't have a lot of knowledge or equipment to support the purchase, just know that best devices Make integrating into the future a breeze. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons why long distance interactive sex toys are a great option for any couple, no matter where they live.

Why use a long distance interactive sex toy?

The many benefits of using an LDST become obvious when you have one in your hands. However, people who have not yet purchased one cannot really determine its value, as the current market is 1) overrun with cleverly misleading advertisements and 2) flooded with mediocre devices that leave much to be desired.
No one wants to waste their money on something they won't use. Fortunately, diligent shopping can get you a sex toy from a distance in the following five ways:

  • Your orgasms are intensified

By using a high quality sex toy designed specifically for couples who live far apart, the quality and duration of your sexual orgasms are greatly intensified. Manufacturers take care to develop ergonomic devices with features that make it easy to use during long-distance interactions.
With features such as virtual reality, pre-programmed pornographic content, live visual feeds via online platforms, Bluetooth connections and smartphone apps, today's LDSTs are ready to take you and your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure with the push of a button.

  • Your privacy is improved

When you and your partner can express your sexual desires to each other in a healthy and satisfying way, it instantly builds intimacy in your relationship. LDST offers the kind of convenience that allows both of you to be as spontaneous as you want.
Fulfill your fantasies and push the boundaries by creating a bond that stands the test of time and distance. But without a good sex toy long distance, it is almost impossible.

  • Your experiences are personalized

The best long distance couples toys offer unique customization modes for the people who buy them. Everything from custom textures on the handles of male masturbators to the features of the selected dildos are now available personally for women. The manufacturers of sex toys today want to give you everything you want, but you have to know what it takes to get it.
And because customization is so important these days, many LDSTs have features that adapt to the user's preferences over time. Yes, that means it's possible to use a sex toy that's smarter and more in tune with your body than your last partner.

  • Your meeting pool is getting deeper

Because long-distance sex toys have changed the game, your dating options are more extensive than ever. Meet, greet and get down with a far-away lover or start a new romance with a stranger from another country.
Support the monogamy of your current union with a couple-friendly sex toy with plenty of high-tech interactive features to explore, or flirt and fuck your favorite porn stars if relationships aren't your thing. My point: There are just too many fish in the sea for some people to cast their nets at their doorstep, if you know what I mean.

  • Your imagination is running wild

Intuitive and innovative features help you and/or your partner imagine more kinky ways to reach orgasm. Limited by space and time, you probably haven't had the opportunity to do many of the dirty things that pop into your head.
If you think about it, a well-chosen and well-used long-distance couples sex toy might just be what the doctor ordered. How do you want to make your partner cum from where you're sitting right now? A friendly reminder: Your dick and pussy pictures are getting old and certainly don't inspire new ideas.
Understanding the benefits of integrating an SLT into your relationship is crucial to finding the right one, you realize? If you don't know what one of these devices is supposed to do, it's nearly impossible to take advantage of all the features you'll encounter.
Take it from an old pro like me: appreciating the beauty of an object is the best way to keep it in good working order. But don't tell my ex that I said that.

The 6 best ways to know if that interactive sex toy is worth it or not

To choose the perfect interactive sex toy, you should also consider the following six elements:

  • The size

Whether you use this new sex toy on a solo mission or with a live-in partner, the size of its components will determine how you use it and the pleasure you get from it. Devices that are too large usually end up being very difficult to operate or enjoy, while toys that are too small break, get lost, don't produce orgasms or all of the above.
Before choosing a toy, determine what is appropriate for you and/or your partner. Consider its insertion length, internal length, circumference and diameter in relation to your anatomy.

  • The shape

Shape is everything when it comes to using a sex toy, especially one designed specifically for couples who enjoy remote orgasms. Consider the proportions of your bodies and familiarize yourself with the location of your G-spot, P-spot, perineum, clitoris and other erogenous zones.
In the process, get comfortable with sexual exploration so you can freely enjoy all the features of the toy you choose. Keep in mind that some shapes are more ideal for certain types of sex. In general, for example, curved devices are better suited for internal stimulation and straight toys are better suited for external pleasures.

  • The characteristics

Most people don't forget to look at the features of the toys they are considering. However, some features are more important than others. For LDSTs in particular, features such as Bluetooth compatibility, virtual reality capabilities, smartphone apps, wireless remotes and Sync-based technologies are the most sought after for obvious reasons.
Don't forget to check the quality and location of the control buttons, the adjustment ranges and the overall ergonomics of the unit. If you ignore these features because others look better, you may end up with a device you don't even like.

  • The necessary equipment

When it comes to using interactive remote sex toys with a partner, it's important to have all the necessary equipment at your disposal ahead of time. Typically, these types of toys require an Internet connection, data plan or membership in an online content club.
Check the manufacturer's website, read the product label, or browse honest buyer reviews to see if your dirty dungeon is ready to go (or not). If your tools are lacking, see if the manufacturer offers the compatible accessories and/or equipment you need.

  • The materials

I can't stress this enough: The materials of your sex toy are just as important as the textures, features, size, shape and almost everything else. Why? Because the materials can determine what kind of lube you need to use, which partners you can enjoy the device with, how much preparation you need to do before you start using it, and whether or not post-orgasm cleanup is easy.
Choose materials that are safe for the skin and safe for the lubricant, such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless steel, glass or a proprietary blend.

  • The manufacturer

Some sex toy manufacturers don't play well with others. Instead, some manufacturers have begun to team up to develop highly versatile products that work like pros under peer pressure. Brands like Fleshlight, Kiiroo, Lelo and We-Vibe have taken integration to new heights, with a range of couple-friendly toys that are interchangeable with each other and powerful across time zones.
Depending on who you want to have sex with, the creator of the device will play an important role in making your fantasy come true, so choose wisely and don't forget the team spirit.

My top 5 best interactive remote sex toys in 2023:

Now that you've learned to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly, take a look at these five amazing sex toys for long-distance couples. Many of them have been featured in leading publications, discussed on television or even recommended by respected relationship therapists.

#1 Kiiroo Onyx+ & Fuse Interactive Sex Toys


This dynamic device may look sleek, sexy and sophisticated, but it's a creep in every sense of the word. The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is already the world's best teledildonic masturbator, but when paired with an equally communicative sex toy, it has the power to catapult you to the heights of pleasure.
Aesthetically and technologically pleasing, the KO2 delivers up to 140 rounds per minute and uses the renowned Fleshlight brand's patented SuperSkin material for a sensationally realistic feel. It has a generous internal length of 6.5 inches and is housed in a lightweight, ergonomic case that houses a powerful yet rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. On top of that, it
PRO: This thing can be synced with so many different toys (for both men and women) that it's probably the most user-friendly and versatile product in the industry.
CON: It takes four to six hours to get a full charge, but the device only works for a maximum of one hour.

#2 The Fleshlight Launch Interactive Sex Toy


This interactive sex toy is like nothing you've ever seen before and I can guarantee it. Despite some minor design flaws due to the fact that it is the first of its kind, this magical machine allows you to sit back and relax while orgasms are delivered directly to your cock at 180 strokes per minute.
It also has a manual mode, and either can be connected to a digital media platform filled with graphic and naughty pornographic content, all of which are virtual reality and Bluetooth enabled. USB rechargeable and much lighter than it looks, the fabulous FL uses intuitive controls to adjust the speed and length of shots to your liking.
Enjoy the ergonomics of this futuristic sex toy while the connected webcam broadcasts your partner's reactions in the background (hoping he uses a compatible toy at the same time).
PRO: This wonder is compatible with all models of full-size male masturbators from the Fleshlight brand, and can also be used with the Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Pearl 2.
CON: The male masturbator is not included with the device.
EXPERT TIP: Combine a Fleshlight Girls masturbator sleeve with matching pornographic content to enjoy a hyper-realistic experience.

#3 The OhMiBod Fuse interactive sex toy


They say the future is now, or at least that's what the maker of the OhMiBod Fuse claims when referring to the design perfection of its newest couples-friendly remote love machine. This app-controlled sex toy takes interactive adult entertainment to the next level, with 7 different vibration settings to explore at the touch of a built-in button.
As the world's most luxurious interactive dildo bunny, the makers of Kiiroo Onyx and Fleshlight Launch masturbators have joined forces to promote healthy and happy long-distance relationships through high-tech marital aids like this one.
Connect wirelessly and use the app to transmit your movements in real time as you slide the 5-inch, USB-rechargeable silicone shaft in and out of your pussy like a pro. Enjoy mixed orgasms like your partner enjoys you; it's that simple.
PRO: This device has a touch mode that only vibrates when it comes in contact with your skin, which further enhances the perversion you can communicate to your partner.
CONS: The size of this rabbit vibrator may not be enough for some users, and it is not ideal for anal penetration.

#4 The We-Vibe Sync


This beautiful mechanism is ideal for both men and women, designed to hug the G-spot or stimulate the P-spot depending on how you use it. Plus, it's thin and portable for long term use, and its special shape allows you to stimulate the clitoris or perineum at the same time.
Control settings with the wireless remote with a 10-foot range or download the free We-Connect app and connect it to your WiFi network for remote seduction.
The app-controlled We-Vibe Sync features a touch mode (i.e., real-time touchscreen functionality) and a rhythm mode (i.e., syncing to your favorite tunes), not to mention it's fully rechargeable and suitable for interaction sessions between performers and their fans (i.e., porn stars and their partners). Not bad for a waterproof long-distance sex toy that fits in a compact storage case.
PRO: All WE-Vibe Bluetooth enabled devices are compatible with this interactive platform.
CON: The 3 inch insertion length may not be long enough for some users.

#5 Kiiroo Titan & Fuse interactive sex toys


Give up manual masturbation in exchange for the new Kiiroo Titan and your sex life will never be the same. It features 9 powerful motors and can be synced with your phone and/or your partner's compatible device for a remote session that rivals the real thing.
Use it to enjoy your favorite pornographic performances or run through the 7 preset patterns and speeds while enjoying the toy's superb teledildonic presence. It features a unique textured sleeve made by Fleshlight and can accommodate penises up to 8.5 inches in length.
The best of all, this economical sex toy for remote couples is compatible with VR and erotic media as well, with a USB rechargeable battery and a lightweight, user-friendly design as the icing on the cake.
PRO: It's an affordable, easy-to-carry alternative to the much larger Launch device, and it's just as high-tech and interactive.
CONS: The buttons are built into the device itself, and no wireless remote is provided for short-range gaming.

The end of the game

Back then, long-distance relationships were not only difficult, they were also devoid of any sexual contact. And because of their awkwardness, long-distance unions were frowned upon until recently.
The information age has given us access to all of humanity's collective wisdom, but don't forget that our sexuality is part of it. Keep your eyes open on the price and don't let the miles and minutes get in the way. The only thing that matters is that you and your partner have a safe and satisfying sexual experience with this machine (hopefully more than once).
If that means a fully automated, virtual reality-ready, Bluetooth-enabled love machine, then so be it. You have better things to do than worry about what other people think. Besides, your crotch doesn't seem to care about distance, so why would you?

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