The top 10 app-controlled vibrators reviewed in 2023.

App-controlled vibrators prove two things.
One is that the future is now. And two, our phones aren't just for making calls and scrolling through social media. We finally have the world by the balls.
Plus, they fit in the palm of our hands.
In the past, people used their palms and fingers to manually stimulate their genitals.
Now we have sophisticated machines that do the work for us. But it's only recently that these mechanical sex toys have become hands-free. And the reason is that manufacturers have started to integrate communication technologies.
You might think that technology and sex have nothing in common, but suddenly there's a whole industry dedicated to SexTech innovation.
Brands compete to develop the most complete and user-friendly device on the planet. This gives men and women multiple orgasm options, and few can complain.
By the way, what is an app-controlled vibrator and how does it work?
Does this mean you can make ass calls to your sex toys preferred? Actually, it means a lot more.
Here's what you need to know, and my top ten recommendations if you want to join the revolution.

What is a vibrator controlled by an application?

Long-distance sex: that's what everyone is craving right now. It could be an unintended consequence of fear of intimacy, but I think it's because of something else.
People don't sacrifice privacy unless they have a good reason or a great alternative.
I think SexTech brought something new to the table, and satisfied desires that people didn't even know they had.
App-controlled vibrators allow us to do things we couldn't do otherwise. While we've always been able to have sex with or without a partner, we can now experience multiple ways to play with ourselves and others.
We don't even have to be in the same room anymore.
These fantasy creation devices allow us to lose ourselves in countless sensations by navigating a simple digital interface on our smartphones.
We can even orchestrate the settings to align with a partner's music, app-compatible porn performance or interactive toy. It's all about collaboration and perversion with these bad boys.
Vibrators controlled by your phone can vary in quality, offering different distances you can play. Some allow a distance of several meters between the controller and the body.
However, most allow you to experience a variety of fantasies, no matter where you are. It all depends on the operation and design of the device.
So, choose the best one and discover the world.

How do the vibrators work with application?

SexTech seems complicated, but the toy designers have done a decent job of keeping things simple.
Phone devices often require an active data plan to function. They also need Bluetooth and a secure Wi-Fi connection to function as intended.
The device must be synced with your smartphone if you want to use it as a wireless remote. Fortunately, most manufacturers include instructions to make this easier for you.
All vibrators are unique, even if they are manufactured by the same brand.
In the meantime, their technology is relatively simple, with minimal deviations.
In other words, there are only a few ways to control a sex toy without pressing buttons. Planning to use your phone instead of weird sex magic?
Follow these three simple steps:

First step: check your iOS

Use most of these devices with any cell phone, tablet or computer. The versatile models are compatible with Mac, Windows, Apple and Android iOS. However, compatibility is not guaranteed.
So the first step is to check the technical specifications. You can usually find them on the box or inside the user manual.

Step 2: Synchronize your devices

The next step is the most complicated, and it relies heavily on a solid internet connection. You need to launch the Bluetooth interface on your device and then pair it with your toy.
There may be an authentication process to ensure discretion. In addition, you may have to pay a fee to unlock some of the app's features.

Step 3: Control with the application

Start experimenting with the different features once you've successfully connected your devices. Scroll through the settings, customize the timers and discover the extras.
Expect real-time stimulation at the touch of a button. Then create a library of your favorite modes for later.
Keep in mind that some app-controlled sex toys need to be within reach of the phone. These options usually stop working after about 50 feet.
However, you can enjoy remote sex with an Internet connection or mobile data plan.
But first, contact your providers for more information on rates and additional options.
NOTE: You should always consult the owner's manual for specific instructions, as some models may require additional steps or equipment.

The main characteristics of the vibrators ordered by telephone

Manufacturers work hard to develop exclusive designs and offer top-notch encounters. But despite the fact that the controllability of the app is relatively basic, no two vibrating sex toys are the same.
This is because each model promises a unique feel, with varying features and settings to produce parallel experiences.
Parallèlement, les meilleurs vibromasseurs partagent généralement des caractéristiques qui les rendent conviviaux et excitants.
Par exemple, les meilleurs vibromasseurs dotés d’applications compatibles disposent généralement de boutons intégrés pour le jeu manuel.
You can stimulate yourself without a partner or enjoy close encounters of the sexiest kind. This feature also allows you to create a fantasy or switch places mid-session.
SexTech devices with a compatible smartphone app are super intuitive, with fast response times and motion detection capabilities.
Explore various vibration patterns, speeds and intensity levels through the collaborative interface. Or expand your horizons with the app's additional features.
Many brands allow you to combine settings or create a custom show.
However, you can expect to pay more for toys with extra bells and whistles. Fortunately, some vibrators come with pre-programmed performance modes to simplify your sex life.
Other products can allow users to enjoy live XXX content or share fun in real time with a stranger.
The best app-controlled toys are ergonomic either way. And luxury brands always use hypoallergenic materials to protect the skin.
You can also select custom textures for optimal bliss. Or choose SexTech toys that target the G-spot or P-spot, depending on your mood.
Pleasure products are never perfect, which is why most manufacturers offer a quality guarantee. Your satisfaction is subjective, but you don't have to waste your money on poor quality vibrators.
So learn the pros and cons to discover a decent device.

Advantages and disadvantages of vibrators with smartphone apps

Vibrating sex toys with compatible applications can vary in quality.
Unfortunately, a recognizable brand name is not always a sign of excellence. You must choose your weapons wisely, taking into account your desires.
Then, carefully compare the pros and cons of each model to reveal your best options. In the meantime, consider these general pros and cons:

  • Adds an element of surprise to masturbation and couple games.
  • Enjoy live and downloaded pornographic content 24/7
  • Discover the pleasure of hands-free with or without a partner
  • Create a personalized experience at the touch of a button.
  • Enhance remote relationships with interactive features
  • Get free software updates on a regular basis


  • Additional equipment may be required
  • You may lose your connection during sex
  • Some application interfaces can be complicated or difficult to use.
  • Users may be required to make in-app purchases

Many sex toy companies are embracing SexTech because of its versatility and convenience. While traditional devices will never go out of style, modern manufacturers better understand today's libido.
They know that men and women need more options in the bedroom. And they also know that horny people need creative solutions to satisfy themselves on the go.
Improve your love life either way. Whether you use conventional or app-controlled devices doesn't matter.
Just remember that automated sex toys are the future of pleasure. So you should probably jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible.
NOTE: Some companies offer free gifts when you sign up for a membership or monthly service program. Good sex costs money, and this is no exception.

What to look for

Buying new pleasure products can give anyone a headache.
There are hundreds of brands, each making dozens of different models. As a novice, you can get lost in the sea of options and buy something that is a total waste of your money.
The best way to avoid this is to do some research ahead of time. But what are you supposed to look for in an app-controlled vibrator? It's not like they teach us this stuff in school.
The best phone-controlled sex toys start with excellent materials. Try to find something that looks like skin and is smooth, and don't skip out on silicone.
Silicone vibrators are gentle on your body and compatible with water-based lubricants. They are also more durable than plastic and safer than latex.
Your device should connect effortlessly to Bluetooth and the Internet. Problems are usually due to software or design issues.
Manufacturers usually cover mechanical and manufacturing problems with a limited warranty.
However, you only have about 30 days to test your product before the registration window closes. Look for toys with clear instructions or multilingual directions to avoid confusion and errors.
Next, check the location of the buttons. Even though you'll probably use the device hands-free via the app, the choice is always more convenient.
Your tastes and desires are not the same as others, so the performance of your toy can't be basic either. Give yourself and your partner plenty of room to grow with ergonomic designs and massive XXX content libraries.
SexTech concepts are getting better every day. Many toys are now compatible with the lover's device for real-time interactions through app-controlled interfaces.
You can save your favorite settings or track your performance on a cooperative database. Then some manufacturers even allow you to share your information with a partner.
TIP: Read authentic customer reviews to discover hidden iOS or programming issues..

What to avoid

Knowing what to look for is only half the battle. You also need to know what to avoid if you want to buy the best products.
Searching for the top rated vibrators with compatible apps is not easy, but that doesn't mean it has to drive you crazy either.
Avoid disappointment by considering the following points before making your purchases:

Ignore poor quality materials

You should never masturbate with devices containing latex, parabens or phthalates. These ingredients can cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin.
In addition, they degrade quickly compared to silicone, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

Don't opt for poor interfaces

A compatible app means nothing if the app is lame. You can use all the best masturbation techniques in the world and still not reach orgasm.
Impractical or poorly designed interfaces can complicate your sessions, frustrating both your genitals and your partners.

Stay away from restricted games

Some manufacturers try to push us into a corner, forcing us to play online or use the app as a wireless controller.
In the meantime, we just want to make up the rules as we go along. Nothing says "buy something else" like a device with hidden buttons or limited built-in features.

Say no to limited content

Even the best-designed vibrators and simplest applications may not offer the amount of content you need.
So avoid app-controlled sex toys with fewer than 1,000 pornographic videos or images. This may seem like a lot at first, but you'll probably get through the library quickly if the device is worth your money.

Switch to poor network security

Check discretion on your to-do list, unless you want to give the world your private information. App vibes allow you to interact with people around the world.
This means that your personal data is not secure without diligent encryption. Check the manufacturer's website for diagnostics.

Decide against stupid conceptions

Beware of brands that put all their energy into app development and forget to design a decent device. Form and function should be symbiotic and sexy, not clunky and asinine.
Avoid products that are too simple in shape, but don't automatically buy a product because it promises to be a hit.
Know your body and skin type to narrow the search even further. If you know your insides well, your outside experiences will be greatly enhanced.
In the meantime, remember that practice makes perfect. So avoid devices with weak batteries in order to become a pro.
TIPS: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover or an app-controlled dildo by its packaging.

Top 10 app-controlled vibrators in 2023:

Looks aren't everything. Performance is. And people can badmouth sex toys all they want.
They'll change their minds when they experience the freedom of an app-controlled vibrator.
These devices remove a layer of physical proximity and replace it with customizable intimacy. What could be better than that? Here are your top ten answers.

#1. The Lovense Lush 3 - Best vibrator controlled by an application as a whole


The Lovense Lush 3 is a flexible app-enabled vibrator with two tips for a blended orgasm. You can enjoy vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously thanks to its clever design.
Manually scroll through the fun settings to discover pure bliss. Or sync your device with the futuristic app for interactive play with your partner, wherever you are.
Explore three speeds and four vibration patterns or unlock unlimited play options on the massive database. It's lightweight, easy to wear and perfect for long-distance love affairs where perversion is the name of the game.
In addition, this improved design offers better Bluetooth connectivity with an improved antenna.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : This option provides up to five hours of battery life on each full charge.
CON: The application requires a lot of memory space on your smartphone.

#2. The We-Vibe Melt vibrator with application


Welcome to the wonderful world of We-Vibe. The brand is known for its interactive torque aids, including the new Melt.
It offers a dozen irresistible intensity levels that you can control with one finger.
Plus, it's compact, lightweight and quiet for discreet sessions. Use the popular We-Connect app to experience spontaneous pleasure. Or manipulate the settings miles away from your favorite lover.
Play together, play apart, stay sexy, stay smart.
The manufacturer even provides a free sample of water-based lubricant so you can get to work.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : This is a great option for focus and preliminaries.
CON: You cannot penetrate the vagina or anus with the device.

#3. The Lovense Dolce Vibrator controlled by phone


The Lovense Dolce Quake works like any other vibrator compatible with the application.
However, it does offer two different ends to help you experience the thrill of the ride.
Best of all, the device rumbles at variable speeds and intensity levels with the touch of a button. And you get additional options after logging into the app.
You can also sync the motor with a lover's toy for real-time excitement or go solo with the user-friendly interface. The design allows you to massage the clit while kissing three insertable thumbs for internal pleasure.
Are you ready to double down?

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : The vibrations become more powerful when the unit is immersed in water.
CON: The battery runs out after about two hours of full power play.

#4. We-Vibe Nova 2 application-controlled vibrator


You want to dive in, but you don't want to dive too deep. You also prefer a clitoral massage while you masturbate, and you don't want to wear a vibrating egg.
Your answer could be the We-Vibe Nova 2. It's an app-controlled dildo with bunny-style details to ensure a mixed orgasm with constant clitoral contact.
The curved arm tickles your taco with every push and is poseable for custom stimulation.
In addition, the We-Vibe interface allows you to direct traffic with simple commands, regardless of your location or relationship status.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : The bulbous head allows to reinforce the stimulation during the insertion.
CON: Beware of button placement problems when using this device manually.

#5. The Svakom Ella Neo vibrator with application


The Svakom brand always produces luxury sex toys, and the Ella Neo is no exception.
This is one of the first app-enabled love eggs to grace the shelves of adult stores. It also features a textured finish to enhance sensation during penetration.
You can use it for an external massage or enjoy a long-lasting fantasy with more than two hours of autonomy on each charge.
Plus, you have ten built-in vibration settings and a host of bust smoothing options on the app. There's even a Climax mode to help you squirt when you're ready to reveal your superpowers.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : The unit features a heavy-duty recovery cord to ensure maximum confidence and safety.
CON: You cannot use this device remotely.

#6. The Desire Luxury App-Controlled Panty Vibrator


A panty vibrator is a must-have for anyone who enjoys secret pleasures or tickling on the fly. You can control the rhythm and manage the intensity levels without having to push.
In addition, there are devices like the Desire Luxury Panty Vibe.
It's an app-enabled sex toy for women, with a dozen different pleasure settings and eight vibration patterns to explore.
The manufacturer offers a free pair of one-size-fits-all underwear to get you started. But you don't even have to wear anything to enjoy this toy.
Take him into the bath or shower for a water adventure.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : You can use this toy with or without your favorite lubricant.
CON: Accidental activation of the travel lock is possible if you are not careful when traveling.

#7. Pelvic floor trainer controlled by the Elvie application


Tired of tightening your pelvic muscles to improve your sex life? Are you ready for a device that tightens and lightens you up?
The Elvie App-Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer could be your solution.
Designed with vaginal health in mind, it also provides distinct pleasure with four levels of pleasure. You can customize the shape to fit your body and then tailor the performance to your needs.
It adds strength where you need it most while making you weak in the knees.
The app also allows you to track your progress and offers practical advice through intuitive biofeedback.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : This machine uses four exercise routines to produce measurable results.
CON: You must have a newer smartphone to run the compatible application.

#8. The We-Vibe Chorus vibrator controlled by phone


Synchronize with your body and your partner in a way you've never done before. The We-Vibe Chorus is a high-end couple vibrator that works the way you want it to.
Choose to control the show with a wireless remote or use the built-in We-Vibe app for more hands-free options. You can also orchestrate an orgasm with the built-in buttons, but that's not even the best part.
This device allows you to press the controls for intuitive improvements.
Plus, you can enjoy seven vibrator designs and three sensational speeds, with three bright color options to coordinate your collection.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable and battery powered remote control
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : The double-ended design makes it easier to find the g-point or p-point.
CON: You need separate batteries for the wireless remote control.

#9. The sex toy Lovense Ferri controlled by application


The Lovense Ferri is an app-compatible panty vibrator, and yet much more.
It has a magnetic clip that helps it stay in place in your pants. Then, it offers three stunning speeds and four tempting patterns to help keep your tush in tune.
This interactive sex toy even syncs to your favorite songs for a rhythmic experience. You can control it using the built-in interface or the simple Lovense app.
You can create ten personalized sensations and enjoy them immediately.
Its light, compact and modern design allows for a huge symphony, whether you have background music or not.

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : The battery lasts more than three hours after a full charge.
CON: Magnetic features can affect all genital piercings.

#10. The We-Vibe Moxie panty vibrator


Enjoy the silence of a smooth orgasm with the We-Vibe Moxie. It's a luxurious vibrator with an app-enabled interface that allows you to interact discreetly with a partner.
Save your screams for orgasm after controlling ten variable modes.
Discover three ways to play: manually, with the app, or by using the wireless remote that has a 15-foot range. You have a magnetic clip to ensure proper positioning, regardless of your underwear.
Plus, the manufacturer offers a free sample of lubricant to help you play right away.
How long can you hold back your moans?

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Skin-friendly silicone

PRO : This is one of the quietest application compatible panty vibrators available.
CON: You need spare batteries for the wireless remote control.


Vibrators, dildos and other app-controlled sex toys are the future of intimacy.
They offer enhanced performance options with countless connectivity benefits and are excellent for remote relationships.
A simple interface and interactive features help people reach a new level of sexual satisfaction. And hands-free functionality means fun, whether you have a partner or not.

Where to find the best app-controlled sex toys on the market:

LOVEHONEY - Our most recommended online sex toys store that offers you the best prices and the fastest and most discreet delivery on the Internet.

FAQs on app-controlled sex toys

Voici quelques-unes des questions les plus courantes sur les vibromasseurs à applis et mes meilleures réponses à ces questions :

How am I supposed to clean it?

Taking care of your pleasure products is crucial. Dirty appliances can cause skin irritations, allergic reactions and infections.
So check your owner's manual for specific maintenance instructions. Then use my advice as general guidance.
Start by rinsing your toy under warm running water. Then wash it with a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner. Or, if you can't get it wet, spray a quick-drying cleaner on the surface.
Let it air dry before putting it back on.

Do I have to store it in a specific way?

Your storage options depend on several factors, including your lifestyle and the design of the unit.
For example, large toys should be kept out of sight. But small toys can stay in your bedside drawer or medicine cabinet.
Manufacturers usually provide a protective container to help you preserve your investment.
If not, see if you can buy one separately.
Still stuck? Use a drawstring bag or hard plastic box to keep your device intact. You can also buy a box for your collection or wrap each item in a soft cloth.
In any case, never expose your device to extremely hot or cold temperatures. And keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

What type of lubricant should I use?

Choose your preferred lubricant based on your skin type and the materials of your toy. Never use lubricants that damage your device or cause skin sensitivity.
Test a small patch of skin to avoid irritation. Then do the same on the bottom of your vibrator.
Silicone vibrators are not compatible with silicone-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants can stain fabrics and are not compatible with all skin types.
Water-based lubricants, on the other hand, are gentle on all skin tones and are easily removed with soap and water.
Looking for specific suggestions? Check the box for samples or read the owner's manual for more information.

Do I need special skills or equipment?

Apart from knowing how to use a smartphone, you don't need any special skills for app-controlled vibrations.
However, you may encounter a slight learning curve if you are not familiar with Bluetooth pairing or Internet settings. Some devices may also require you to remove security measures on your browser to continue.
In most cases, the equipment required is minimal. Your machine usually comes with everything you need to get started.
On the other hand, it's a good idea to buy some extra lubricant and high-quality cleaning products. And you can always upgrade your phone or data plan to support large files.

Can a hands-free sex toy hurt me?

Danger is everywhere, even in the bedroom. Although the numbers are fudged, studies show that hundreds of people go to the emergency room each year due to sex-related injuries.
So, your favorite pleasure products can cause bodily harm if you use them incorrectly.
Refer to the owner's manual for specific operating instructions and safety warnings.
Keep electronic devices away from moisture and always clean their surfaces thoroughly. Then look for the manufacturer's warranty and register your toy as soon as possible.
This way, you can be reimbursed in the event of a problem.

How do I know if my device is covered by a warranty?

Most brands are confident enough to offer a one-year limited warranty on their app-controlled products.
However, your policy does not cover the smartphone, tablet or computer connected to it. And you are responsible for power surges, internet outages, general negligence and tampering.
Do not tinker with your toys as this will void the warranty.
Look for warranty information in the box or owner's manual. Many manufacturers provide a registration card for your convenience.
You can also ask the retailer for contact information or advice on next steps if you can't find anything yourself.

How do I register my sex toy warranty?

Warranty registration is simple. Most brands provide simple instructions and a one-step process to help you protect your investment.
However, this is not always the case. You should consult the owner's manual for specific instructions. Or contact the manufacturer for more information.
No matter how you do it, always register your toys within 30 days of purchase.
Some brands may give you a little more time, but don't count on it.
Their liability exposure increases with each passing day. And sex toy companies prefer not to take responsibility for user error.

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