The 10 best prostate massagers on the market in 2023 - Reviews and best prices online

Sometimes (and I mean sometimes) it takes a kick in the butt to get a man to ejaculate properly. And I mean that literally.
Although a prostate massager is much more pleasurable than a kick, the idea remains the same. According to most men who have used one, the orgasm created by a good prostate massager is like nothing else.
Intense and completely natural, the orgasm with a toy in the ass is worthy of a cult.

In fact, the pleasure provided by a good quality prostate massager can be so intense that, in many cases, a man rediscovers his love for lust and begins to feel more like the man he once was. I had no idea that ass play could cause such a life-changing phenomenon.
Until I experienced it with a lover who had a much better understanding of sexuality than I did. Prostate massagers can open up a whole new world of extremely sensational physical possibilities for both men and women.
Whether it's a remote-controlled couple's toy or simultaneous masturbation, we now have real pleasure at our fingertips, guys.

The best prostate massager: Perfection is hard to find

So I wandered the world not knowing that my wildest dreams could come true if I took the time to find the best magic wand. To be honest, it was a lot harder than I thought.
But I still hunted in the wild for a while, stumbling upon some of the most amazing products on the market today in the process. What I've come back to share with you is priceless.
I'm not saying it could change your life; I'm just saying it could change your sex life.

Prostate massagers have been around for a long time. Originally thought to be a tool for the homosexual community, heterosexual men around the world began to jump on the bandwagon when they finally discovered the true potential of their anus.

What happened next will go down in the history books as quite amazing (and absolutely necessary for the progress of humanity): Men everywhere started looking for a good prostate massager, and sex toy manufacturers around the world heard the call.

Today, the market is flooded with options - prostate massagers of all shapes and sizes, made from materials ranging from stainless steel to glass to rubbery latex to soft silicone.
At this rate, it may be impossible for the average person to navigate all these choices and come across something worthwhile. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this buyer's guide can provide you with some useful information.
After all, it doesn't look like prostate massagers are going away anytime soon.

My top 10 best prostate massagers in 2023:

Among the myriad of great (and not so great) prostate massagers, I have met a few who will always have my respect.
I'll list them below, but before I do, let's remember that no product on the market today is perfect, and none of them are ideal for everyone. Define for yourself what makes a good sex toy.

#1. The Lovense Edge 2 - World's Best Prostate Massager


The Lovense Edge 2 is one of those prostate massagers that gets your attention before it even touches your butt. With a convenient hands-free design that is controlled by an application compatible smart phone, this luxury vibrator for men offers many options for pleasure for individuals and couples.
Not only does it have a clever shape and size to target the P-spot with precision, but it is also very powerful and has a USB rechargeable battery for easy travel.
Did I mention that the LE2 is also adjustable so you can hit the sweet spot wherever it is?
Ideal for long-distance sex and more powerful than the average massager, this voluptuous vibrator features a curved shaft, bulbous tip and perineal stimulation arm to ensure maximum satisfaction.
Made of silky soft silicone and equipped with 3 speeds, 4 vibration modes and a powerful motor, users can enjoy virtually unlimited experiences without having to change toys.
In fact, this bad boy even lets you program your own settings or vibrate to your favorite songs at the touch of a button. And with a flared base for added security, you can wiggle as much as you want.
PRO: It has an impressive autonomy of more than 100 minutes on a single charge.
CON: The large size could be somewhat intimidating for the noobs of the prostate game.

#2. The prostate massager LELO Hugo


This device has everything you'd expect from a prostate massager: a two-sided wireless remote control with batteries included, a powerful motor that's fully rechargeable with a common USB cord, and a shower-friendly 100 % waterproof body.
Made of medical-grade silicone, the handsome Hugo measures 5.5 inches long, 4 inches of undulating girth and uses a combination of SenseMotion technology and six pre-programmed vibration settings. Not bad, LELO.

PRO: This is an all-inclusive prostate massager that also comes with a one-year warranty.

CON: It's a bit pricey compared to some of the other models on this list.

#3. The We-Vibe Vector prostate stimulator


Trying butt stuff for the first time can be intimidating and embarrassing, especially if you don't have the right partner(s) or equipment. But the We-Vibe Vector was designed to bring a new kind of fun to the beginner's boudoir, while giving the professionals a reason to smile.
It offers 10 distinct vibration functions that can be controlled in two different ways - via the wireless remote or the free downloadable smartphone app.
Thus, it is one of the most ideal anal sex toys for couples and it comes with several other benefits as well.
Inside the ergonomically shaped shaft with a bulbous tip is a dual-motor system that drives the powerful settings at your command. The head is also adjustable to ensure optimal contact with the user's p-spot.
Plus, the included remote control lets you play from up to 10 feet away when you don't feel like using the We-Connect? app. And in case all that wasn't enough, this rugged beast for beginners also introduces users to intense perineal stimulation to turn skeptics into instant fanboys.
By the way, the WVV is fully submersible in water, which means you can experiment anywhere.
PROYou can also control the unit from a button on the base in case you lose the remote control.
CONThe size of the demons may not be sufficient for experienced users.

#4. The Aneros Vice 2 massager for the prostate


The Aneros Vice 2 isn't exactly simple in terms of capabilities, but its design illustrates the sophisticated direction in which modern sex toys are headed.
Ultra-satisfying silicone material is draped over a robust motor to create one of the most powerful yet streamlined prostate products on the market.
This second generation device offers 18 distinct pleasure settings with 4 variable speeds to explore at your own pace. And because it also has an interactive "Joy" button, you can create your own experiences to enjoy unpredictable stimulation at any time.
This remote control device also offers a flared base for superior safety, with an attached bi-directional perineal stimulation pad that never misses its target.
Although it's a multi-purpose hands-free toy with two powerful batteries inside, the AV2 is fully rechargeable via a standard USB port.
Designed to fit the natural contours and movements of your body, it takes the guesswork out of it. And thanks to its ergonomic dimensions (10 cm insertable length to be exact), it's ideal for beginners and prostate pros alike.
PROThe wireless remote control is equipped with indicator lights to help you find your favorite settings more quickly.
CONThe perineal pad is oddly shaped, so it may not be suitable for some body types.

#5. The Nexus Revo, intense rotation prostate massager


This strong, short, sexy device is much more than it seems. At first, all you see is the thick, bulbous shaft and the ridged perineal stimulation pad.
For many, that's enough to get excited about. But as its name suggests, the Nexus Revo Intense is about more than just size and shape. In fact, the device's rounded head rotates at two variable speeds at the touch of a built-in button.
Both authoritative and practical, you can choose between clockwise and counterclockwise strokes to stimulate even the most stubborn hot spots and discover new pleasures you never dreamed possible.
The NVI also offers 6 different vibrational functions to help you create a maelstrom of blended pleasure.
With an insertion length of 3.5 inches and a graduated circumference of 4.25 inches, it's ideal for prostate play professionals, yet safe enough for beginners. And because it's 100 % submersible in water and fully rechargeable via a standard USB port, you can have satisfying sex anywhere from the bedroom to the bathtub.
It even comes with its own storage container, in case you don't have one, but hopefully you'll never want to put it away.
PROIt offers a clean and simple design for quick access to your favorite sensations.
CONThere are no interactive features to play with at all.

#6. Aneros Progasm ice cream


Sometimes the sexiest thing about having fun with your partner is watching the action unfold. But when you're playing with buttocks, you can't always see where the sun doesn't shine.
The Aneros Progasm Ice device was therefore invented to remedy this.
It's a thick, ergonomic, see-through prostate massager that A) looks like a priceless work of art, B) has special curves to locate the P-spot, and C) allows you to peer deep into your lover's "soul." Paired with any lube in your collection, this toy slips, slides and satisfies virtually anything it touches.
This beautiful sex toy is ideal for men, women, couples, individuals and groups. It features a series of elegant ridges and a bulbous tip that make insertion and removal easy.
In addition, it has a unique "P-Tab" to help stimulate the user's prostate or clitoris from the outside, and another called the "K-Tab" to draw attention to the acupressure points just below the tailbone.
Designed to turn your sex life into a spiritually stimulating experience, the API is safe enough for hands-free play, water sports and the inclusion of additional pleasure products.
PROThe materials are safe for all body types and lubrication formulations.
CONYou will need to wear a vibrating cock ring or other device to enjoy increased pleasure from the vibrations.

#7. The ElectraStim Quadri-Polar ElectroSex electric prostate massager


Not quite satisfied with your ordinary prostate massager, with its limited range of motion and rigid size? You're not alone.
Some people need a little more energy to get fired up, which is why devices like the ElectraStim Quadri-Polar ElectroSex prostate massager were invented.
It offers deep and intense stimulation of the vagina, anus, perineum and other parts of the body, all with the touch of a few buttons and the right equipment. Ideal for internal and external pleasure, this high-tech device will give your libido a shock (if you let it).
Designed as an accessory to the ElectroSex power unit, this soft silicone anal anomaly features ergonomic contacts at the tip for instant gratification. There are also contacts at the base and along the sides for complete pleasure.
With a tapered tip, 4-inch girth and 6-inch shaft, the EQE delivers a full, fully customizable and totally safe orgasm. Zap your way to orgasm with a toy that targets your most sensitive nerve endings instead of relying solely on physical contact to release ejaculation.
It's so intense that people often use it for sexual torture. I'm just saying.
PROYou can put the handle down in countless ways to stimulate hard-to-reach areas.
CONThis toy requires a dual channel ElectroSex power supply with 2mm pins to function as intended.

#8. The trident Syn Eupho of Aneros


Who says you can't take good sex with you wherever you go? And why do you need a bunch of technology to get off when men (and women) have been doing it without technology for so long? The Aneros Eupho Syn Trident answers these questions and ends the debate.
Yes, you can enjoy p-spot play, perineal stimulation and unparalleled precision without motors, batteries or computer chips. This toy takes all the basics from our collective wish list and crams them into a thick 2.75-inch body with a bulbous tip and flexible shaft.
What more could you want?
It's ergonomically designed to target the p-spot and/or g-spot, which means it's ideal for individuals and couples alike. And while it's not packed with vibration settings, this toy easily fits into any existing performance thanks to its sleek yet powerful shape.
Designed to fit the folds and curves of the average person's anus, it goes even further with two extended arms for easier removal and better stimulation of the perineum or clitoris.
Recommended for oral sex or manual stimulation, the AES Trident is perfect for pocket pleasures and impromptu experimentation.
PROIt is fully submersible in water, which means you can masturbate anywhere.
CONThe small size may not provide enough stimulation for some body types.

#9. The Nexus Revo Stealth


Have you heard about the Nexus Revo Stealth? It would be a lot cooler if you did.
After all, it's a rotating prostate massager covered in skin-like silicone and equipped with one of the most powerful motors in the world. If you're a fan of butt stuff, this is the thing for you.
It also offers up to 34 different pleasure combinations, with a 3.5 inch long shaft and 4 delicious inches of total circumference. You can also choose the direction of rotation of the shaft and turn on or off the extra perineal massage as you wish.
Best of all, it's controlled either by the built-in buttons or the included wireless remote.
Plus, the dual rotation options both come with two separate speed settings to further customize your experience. Use it internally, externally, anally, vaginally, or all at once. What matters most is your satisfaction, as evidenced by the pronounced perineal stimulation pad and 50-foot range.
It also has an extended base for added security and easier removal, should you ever want to remove it. And since it's 100 % waterproof, you may never have to.
PROThe single end of the handle allows you to target hard-to-reach areas.
CONThere are no interactive features to play with at all.

#10. The Svakom Vick Neo


No one should be prevented from having incredible orgasms simply because they can't afford high-tech devices. And as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our society, it makes sense that sextech devices are offered at different prices.
The Svakom Vick Neo is a great example of this, with a free downloadable app to play remotely and access interactive 2D porn content whenever you want. You can also enjoy it on your own thanks to the built-in interface and the exceptionally powerful engine it contains.
You have 7 different vibratory functions and 5 levels of intensity to explore at your leisure.
This economical sex toy is more luxurious than its price tag suggests. Covered in silky silicone and designed with flawless perfection for carefree water sports, its USB rechargeable battery and form-fitting design promote the deepest pleasures.
Its 3.5-inch length is suitable for beginners and pros alike, and its tapered shaft is perfect for enthusiastic thrusts. This product proves that you don't have to be rich to feel like royalty, especially when you have this much versatility in your hands.
There's even an external button for assured perineal stimulation, so all your bases are covered for less.
PROWith a full charge, this device has a battery life of at least 150 minutes.
CON: The XXX content of the application is somewhat limited.

BONUS: Mantric's rechargeable P-point probe.


Give yourself or your lover something to think about and let everyone know who's boss when you pull out this powerful sword of sexual satisfaction. It's the Mantric P-Spot Probe and it's more than just a USB rechargeable pleasure device.
In fact, this bad boy has over 7 different modes to explore and is fully submersible in water too.
That means you can experience intense orgasms on your bed, in the shower, and when you go on a trip. And because it offers a compact, lightweight design with surprising power for its size, travel will always be stimulating.
The MPP features a convenient LED panel that gives you even more control. Quickly switch between modes without fumbling and enjoy the curved shaft that bends in the right places for guaranteed anal pleasure.
This device even has extra spikes on the handle crossbar so you can turn it into an external massager if you want. No one tells you what to do, so push this toy between your bodies or shove it up there whenever you want.
With just over 4 inches of insertable length, it's almost impossible to fight the inevitable anyway.
PROThe simple shape of the shaft helps users to control their orgasms more easily.
CONIt doesn't offer the hands-free convenience that some people need.

BONUS: Big Boy's Rocks


Textured for superior feel, this massive device features several strategically placed bulges along its rather long and fat shaft. Made of skin-safe silicone and featuring a polished gold activation switch, the Rocks Off Big Boy is sleek and operates silently in the background.
It offers seven distinct vibration variations to explore, and can be used hands-free or taken into the shower.

PRO: It is extremely challenging and offers a lot of freedom.

CON: It may be too big for some.

BONUS: The Nexus Revo 2


Smooth, soft, silicone and sexy, Lelo has done it again with its unisex Hugo.
This expertly developed prostate massager uses their patented technology to deliver intense p-spot sensations.
The U-shaped curve of this toy makes it ideal for double penetration for women - simultaneous G-spot and P-spot stimulation. The wireless remote control only adds to the fun.
The wireless remote only adds to the experience, with a component that responds instantly to the handler's movement and a set of 6 pre-programmed vibrations, a bulbous tip, and a USB rechargeable battery as the icing on the cake.
I didn't even mention the fact that it measures 4 inches in circumference and offers 5.5 inches of insertable length, but you probably already have it in your cart so what's the point?
PRO: This toy is suitable for individuals and couples of all experience levels and offers 2 hours of battery life for each 60-minute charge.
CON: It is a bit noisy and requires 2 AAA batteries for the wireless remote.

Why use a prostate massager?

I don't want to get scientific, but doctors recommend frequent masturbation and ejaculation for optimal health.
This is true for both sexes, and there are no rules about how to reach orgasm. In other words, if using a good prostate massager helps you or your lover reach orgasm more easily, it can help you live longer.

In fact, health professionals say the average man needs to ejaculate at least 21 times a month to enjoy good prostate health.
Furthermore, prostate-derived orgasms are extremely satisfying, which means that a small amount goes a long way. Imagine what your life and health will be like if you masturbate or have sex frequently with a well-made prostate massager with a ton of amazing features.

That's why prostate toys have become so popular these days. Not only do they feel good, they're good for you.
In addition, men no longer feel unsafe when they engage in sex games of this caliber.
A better understanding of the human body has made us more appreciative and curious about creative marital aids. No one should have to deny themselves a mind-blowing orgasm just because someone says it's not right. Who makes the rules anyway?

Top 6 features that will help you find the best prostate massager on the market

Today's marketer may understand the human body and brain better than anyone, but that doesn't mean the modern consumer is a buffoon. Everyone needs a little help (and a few swipes of a very powerful truth blunt).
So, instead of standing there coughing up a lung while throwing your hard-earned money down the drain, why not use your best judgment and put these so-called marketing geniuses in their place?

Each of us has been the victim of great publicity. If it didn't work, they wouldn't keep using it. But it's time for us to take back control of our wallets, and we're taking our assholes with us.

Below are the top six things to consider when buying a good prostate massager:


I don't think I have to tell you this, especially since we're talking about things to shove up your ass, but nonetheless, size is an important factor to consider when buying your first (or next) prostate massager.
Since the toy only needs to touch the P-spot to generate a pleasurable sensation, there is no need to look for a massive tool just for fun.
After all, every man's prostate is located in a different place, but we'll talk more about that in the "Shape" section below.

Either way, always consider the size of the prostate massager and whether it is ideal for your unique body (or the body of the lover you are about to use it on). This is an especially important factor when you are new to butt play.
Even if you think you can handle a large device, you may not be able to handle it with the kind of precision you need.

Fortunately, the best prostate massagers today come in different sizes, from tiny models to massive monstrosities. I'd suggest going that extra mile. But if you think you're ready for the big leagues, make sure you follow the other important points on this list and you should be fine. However, I would recommend using lots of really good lube if you are headed in that direction.


Did you know that prostate massagers also come in different shapes? Some are designed to look like small balls or eggs, while others are made to look like a real penis human.
Depending on the type of sexual experience you want to have (and your lover's sexual orientation), the form you choose can determine how much pleasure you get out of it.

Let's take the example of a newcomer who wants to try prostate play for the first time. He is not gay and has been a victim of society's prejudice about having his butt tickled.
Do you bring her a huge toy that looks like her college roommate's dick? No, you don't. You bring home a small, modest device that doesn't look like anything he'd recognize. In other words, the shape of a prostate massager can sometimes ruin good intentions.

On the other hand, let's say you have someone who has been around the block a few times. Homosexual and up for anything, you pull out a tiny prostate massager and fumble around trying to make him feel good.
He'll tell you, "It's like you don't know me!" Your poor lover is going to be more frustrated than you can imagine, and your joint bank account is going to be lighter. I don't even want to tell you what's going to happen to your sex life after that.


This is perhaps the most exciting, yet confusing part of buying a new prostate massager. These modern sex toy manufacturers are truly gifted. I have never seen so many options for one type of product in my life. I feel your pain.

These days, the average guy can get his hands on some pretty high-tech stuff. NASA-inspired prostate massagers are now the norm and flood the market by the millions.
Meanwhile, the average boys are quickly sinking into the cracks created by the massive weight of the market. The only way to keep calm in candy land is to break things down a bit and stay focused:

  • Your lifestyle

How will your lifestyle affect how you enjoy your new toy? Will you have to use it alone or do you have an active sex life? How many people live in your home?
Do you travel a lot? The answers to these questions will direct you to an ideal prostate massager for you.

  • Your body

Not everyone's body is the same, but you already knew that. The features of the prostate massager you choose may be pleasant for one person, but awful for you.
I suggest you do a finger test before you spend any money, just to get familiar with the p-point location and the pleasing depths and pressures.

  • Your budget

Keep in mind that (generally) the more features your sex toy has, the more it costs.
Bien que les fabricants de masseurs prostatiques contemporains aient fait tout leur possible pour mettre au point des appareils adaptés à un large éventail d’utilisateurs, certains des meilleurs produits du marché nécessitent une deuxième hypothèque pour être accessibles.

  • Your knowledge

High-tech features require a skilled person to operate them. Take, for example, prostate massagers with Bluetooth connectivity. Do you even know how to use Bluetooth? Do you have the right equipment? Are you able to follow instructions? I don't need to tell you how frustrating this part can be if you're not properly prepared.


You may not be a material girl, but you most certainly live in a material world. In other words, the material(s) your prostate massager is made of will make a huge difference in how much you end up enjoying it. Let me explain.

Prostate massagers made of medical grade or skin safe silicone are generally considered the best. They are durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. However, they cannot be used with silicone-based lubricants and are generally more expensive.
Other materials such as latex, polycarbonate, TPE, stainless steel and glass are generally less expensive, but they are not normally as durable, can sometimes cause allergic reactions and can be difficult to maintain.

In any case, be sure to stay away from any toy that contains phthalates. This is a chemical used by some manufacturers to increase the flexibility or elasticity of a product. It may not sound too bad, but phthalates are highly toxic and can cause intense skin rashes and other health problems that I won't even bother to describe here.


Getting products from a manufacturer you can trust is a great way to avoid paying for a junk product. Brand name sex toys are usually of higher quality, not to mention backed by a well-known manufacturer.
However, some lesser known brands regularly produce high-end products that should not be overlooked.

I admit that I tend to gravitate towards names like Fleshlight, LELO, Kiiroo and Doc Johnson, but I've found some pretty amazing things when I've "slummed it". So while some brands may not be as popular as others, give them a chance if they create interesting products.
Don't let clever marketing and a flood of positive reviews distract you from your main mission: finding a prostate massager that's right for you.


My mother always said it was rude to talk about money, but it is necessary. How much money do you think you'll spend on the device of your choice?
Do you realize that the average cost of a prostate massager does not include the cost of charging it, operating it, maintaining its integrity, storing it and/or purchasing lubricant?
I'm just saying that there may have to be some budget cuts here and there.

Getting the right prostate massager for your body, sex life and lifestyle is an important investment that should never be taken lightly.
That said, don't hesitate to look for discount codes, coupons and on-site sales from various manufacturers of sex toys. They are all competing with each other for your business. Make them work for you.

Where to find the best prostate massagers online?

LOVENSE – Le site officiel d’une marque de sex toys masculins très prometteuse qui a déjà produit quelques acteurs sérieux sur le marché.
LOVEHONEY - Our most recommended online sex toys store that offers you the best prices and the fastest and most discreet delivery on the Internet.
LELO - A brand of sex toys that has highly rated prostate massagers in its inventory.

The end of the game

In the end, it's not the size, shape or high-tech features of a sex toy that matter.
What matters most is that all of these elements work together to provide you and your lover with a pleasurable and satisfying experience in the bedroom. If that requires a 7-inch bulbous vibrating prostate massager with a wireless remote control, a perineal stimulator and a waterproof shaft, then so be it. Apprehensions: No one has time for this.

FAQ about prostate massagers

Q: How am I supposed to clean one of these things?
A : Cleaning your pleasure products is not supposed to be difficult, so difficult methods are usually a sign of poor quality or a broken device.
As always, consult your owner's manual for more detailed information on how to clean and maintain your equipment.
In general, you will need to rinse the exterior with cool, warm water before using a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic, antibacterial sex toy cleaning solution to prevent bacteria buildup. Try to clean the surface before and after each use, and always allow the toy to dry completely before storing it.
NOTEDo not wash the e-stim toys in this way, and check to see if you can clean the wireless remotes before doing so.
Q: What is the best way to store it?
A : Storing a sex toy can be complicated, especially if you live with others, travel often or value your privacy. Some devices come with their own storage containers, so check to see if there's one in the box with yours.
If you don't have one, simply store your products in a clean, dry place - a closet, bedside drawer or medicine cabinet, for example.
Keep the unit out of direct sunlight to protect its surface, and never expose it to extremely hot and/or cold temperatures unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.
As always, consult the user manual for more detailed information.
Q: What type of personal lubricant should I use?
A : Your choice of personal lubricant should be based on two things: 1) your skin type, and 2) the materials your device is made of.
Some lubricant formulas are not suitable for sensitive skin, and other formulas can eat away at the surface of your toy if you are not careful about coordination. Most modern toys are made of silicone, which means that silicone-based lubricants are not suitable.
Oil-based lubricants may be better in some cases, but they can stain fabrics and are difficult to clean.
In most cases, manufacturers suggest using a high quality water-based lubricant to protect your skin and preserve the integrity of the toy.
However, you should always consult the owner's manual for more specific information.
Q: Can I hurt myself playing with this toy?
A : Yes, you can hurt yourself by using a toy designed for anal stimulation. That's because the anus is full of potentially dangerous bacteria, and the spread of these bacteria is possible if you don't clean yourself thoroughly.
In addition, some devices are more intense than others. Novices are generally discouraged from using high-tech or powerful prostate products until they have become familiar with their bodies.
In addition, you can injure yourself or others if you do not follow the instructions for use, store your device improperly, or use it intermittently with a vaginal game.
Consult your partner, your doctor and the user manual for more personalized advice. And if you get injured while playing, stop immediately, assess the situation and seek medical attention if necessary.
Q: What should I do if my toy breaks or malfunctions?
A : Man-made products are bound to break, and even the best manufacturer can send out a malfunctioning product.
However, you can make this happen less often by paying close attention to the instructions in the manual. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damage and extend the life of your toy. Also check to see if your device comes with a manufacturer's warranty.
So, if your toy goes wrong, you can use this warranty to get a new one or have yours repaired.
In any case, stop using your device if it breaks or malfunctions, as you could be injured or void any existing warranty.
Q: How do I register the manufacturer's warranty to protect my investment?
A : Not all men's pleasure products come with a manufacturer's warranty, but most high-end luxury brands offer at least a one-year policy on their devices. Some are automatically covered, while others must be registered with the manufacturer to be considered legitimate.
If this is the case, look for the registration information in your user manual.
You will usually receive a special number or registration card in the box. Enter the number online or fill out the card and send it in for immediate coverage.
For more specific registration instructions, consult the manual or contact the manufacturer.

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